FIRST LOOK: Tarot #116:The Mourning After!

Tarot#116: The Mourning After
With this Special, You’ll receive Covers A (shown above) & B, the Deluxe Art Print,

CosPlayer Photocover, Bonus Goodie and JUST for This Bundle a brand new Faerie Passport Sticker… All for $45!
You can save with the Adds Ons: The Studio Edition $15 (reg $19.99)
AND save on signed edition $10 for both books (reg $20)
ships late May 2019

Tarot#116 Special Pre Order Bundle

cover A


Photocover included in Special preorder Bundle


Artprint included in special preorder bundle


Skyclad Bundle Saves you $25!
ONLY want Skyclads? Visit the Link below!

Tarot#116 Skyclad Only Options

Tarot#116 Skyclad Cover A


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