First Look: Home is Where the Homicidal Sentient Bat-Heart Is

The Justice League deals with an entirely different—and deadly—kind of housing crisis in this Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 first look.

There’s no place like home. Especially when that home is a sentient castle that’s been infused with the consciousness of a psychopathic Bruce Wayne.

There’s a lot happening in the world of Dark Nights: Death Metal right now, but next week Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are back in action as the core series returns with issue #5. When last we left our desperate team of heroes, they’d managed to channel a multiverse’s worth of Crisis energy into the Mobius chair with the help of Superboy-Prime to give Wally West the chance to use it to defeat the Darkest Knight. Only the Darkest Knight got there first, sabotaging the chair so that it redirected the energy into him. (That’s really bad, guys.) Fortunately, the Darkest Knight has a god to kill—Perpetua—so he doesn’t have time to deal with the Justice League just now. (That’s good. Okay, maybe our guys will get out of this.) So, he leaves them in the care of Castle Bat. (Eh, forget it. They’re screwed.)

Castle Bat, for those of you who aren’t following along, is a living, thinking nightmare version of Wayne Manor powered by the consciousness of its Earth’s Bruce Wayne. And if you know your classic Justice League stories, you know that Bruce has a plan and a means to take down every member of the League, which somehow gets even easier when you’re a giant, multi-storied fortified palace. So, what hope do they have? Is this where things end for our last living heroes? Well, if you know Death Metal, you know that you should probably expect the unexpected. Maybe they’ll get a last minute save. Or maybe they’ll all die in a painful, explosive, fiery demise. After all, that would be unexpected too. Which will it be? Read our exclusive preview of Dark Nights: Death Metal #5 to find out!

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