FIRST COMICS NEWS — JEZ'(RE): NOOK (kickstarter 3/2/2019)

On my way to work three days ago—stopped at a red light when me phone buzzes.

Facebook messenger—it’s Caleb Thusat reaching out to First Comics News about his new project—with a link to a  review copy.

FCN hosts a How to Get News Coverage panel every year at WonderCon and International Comic-Con: San Diego (owned by same non-profit).

WC is coming up end of March and SD is July <3

In the last four (4) years I’ve paneled—pretty sure, said at every one—I heavily like to know what I’m promoting before I promote it but not every reviewer/editor/reporter/whatever is going the read the entirety of your product—including a pdf  is really nice just in case.

So, I met Caleb—in, like, sept—during a pre-NYCC 2018 Facebook “friend”zy.

1,000 requests in, about, a week—never experienced anything like it before.

I liked some of his posts, we chatted briefly—made plans to meet up on con for an interview; and, here it is:

I also met his friend, Daniel:

And—now, also like his posts on fb.

Both—stand up guys.

Read ZED on the bus, traveling to New York—really excited to read Nook.

I mean—do wear a Nook button : )


Also—the Nook enamel pins are cute af…


Here’s what the writer has to say:


NOOK the Complete Trade Edition is Coming to Kickstarter March 3rd

A 100-page, hardcover, black & white graphic novel about a family who escapes WWII Germany only to discover their new home on the border of France is haunted by a dark past and a cat named Nook.

Nook will be coming to Kickstarter beginning March 3rd and ending on April 3rd with amazing rewards and stretch goals including; enamel pins, rare pinups, and an extremely limited edition vinyl figure.


Fleeing the oppression of WWII Germany, Avery and her parents move to a remote town on the border of France. It is here she finds her new best friend, a cat named Nook. But, there is more to this cat than it seems. A dark and twisted history longs to be revealed. Avery is swept up into a deadly cycle of violence and will come to both fear and love her fuzzy new friend as the history of her new home is revealed.


Nook was born from demented dreams, my love of stories set during WWII, and my obsession with Guillermo del Toro movies. This 3 part mini series explores the cyclical nature of our existence and how, if we cannot learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it. This will be first first time the full story is available in a beautiful hardcover graphic novel.

A preview of Part 1 is available at the Kickstarter page:


I have run 9 successful campaigns in the past 3 years including the complete, Hardcover trade of my science fiction series, Alter-Life. My track record speaks for itself, and if you’ve backed any of my other projects, you know that I will deliver in both quality and content.

Nook Part 1 was a roaring success. When it launched in 2018, it was funded in 13 hours. So, rather than string everyone along for 2 more issues, we decided it made more sense to bring a complete trade to our fans. Just $20 gets you a copy of the Hardcover book with Free Domestic Shipping!


ART/LETTERING: Marcelo Biott

Kickstarter Preview Link (this will also take you to the live page when it launches):


Twitter: @calebthusat

Although launch isn’t for another two weeks, apparently KS has a request feature to be be notified.

At this point—I stopped and read Issue #1.

Since it’s been a year, I think skipping issues 2&3 and going straight to collection is a solid choice.

More information and other titles are available online:




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