FEMFORCE #183 preview

Cover by Stephanie and Mark HeikeBlack Phantom by Eric Van Elslande and Jeff Austin
Ms. Victory by Bill Black, Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin
Femforce by Javier Lugo and Jeff Austin

Nightveil by Alessio Mariani
Nyoka by Larry Nadolsky and Jeff Austin
Rad by David Matsuoka
She-Cat by Silvano Beltramo
Yankee Girl by Gianluca Cerritelli and Jeff Austin


In the soon-to-ship Femforce #183, the full FF team dispenses with an offbeat miniature menace in “The Taming Of The Shrew” Part II (concluding the story that started last issue), written by Eric Lindberg, penciled by Javier Lugo and inked by Jeff Austin. “The Fiendish Plot Of Dr. Noah” ( started in Femforce #182) concludes in a barn-burner of a battle written and laid out by Bill Black with finished art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin featuring an untold tale of Ms. Victory from the 1950’s, followed by She-Cat solo versus a mysterious new menace in “Night To Howl”, written by Mark Holmes, with art by Silvano Beltramo. Then, Nightveil must contend with a malevolent spirit hungering for the life energy of innocent you girls in “Tornado Of Souls”, scripted by Andrew Hawnt, with art by newcomer Alessio Mariani. Rad’s undercover mission to infiltrate the subversive Strong Hand organization takes a bizarre turn in “Life During Wartime”, illustrated by Dave Matsuoka from a story by Mark Heike. Yankee Girl puts in an appearance, facing a return bout with the mad botanist Dr. Yvette Alain in “The Big Breakthrough”, by Mark Holmes, Gianluca Cerritelli and Jeff Austin. The pulchritudonous paladin of the Old West, The Black Phantom guest-stars in “Hang ‘Em High”, from the team of Mark Holmes, Eric Van Elslande and Jeff Austin, and cliffhanger serial adventuress Nyoka the Jungle Girl returns in “The New Perils of Nyoka, written by Bill Black, with pencils by Larry Nadolsky and inks by Jeff Austin. 80 pages of great “good girl” art and adventure in black and white with full color covers, standard comic book size, saddle stitched, for $9.95, in comic shops before the end of August, from AC Comics.

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