First Comics News: Evan, may I ask some background information? Where were your born? Where did you grow up?

Evan: I was born in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, the first son of a Greek immigrant father and a Polish-American mother. They were the best parents you could ask for. Dad showed me the value of hard work and provided us with the best education possible, while Mom nurtured my creative and emotional side. I grew up just outside of Detroit, but was lucky enough to attend undergraduate university, and then law school in two wonderful cities- Boston and New Orleans.

First Comics News: Stefano, may I ask some background information? Where were your born? Where did you grow up?

Stefano: I was born in a small town in Tuscany in Italy,
after having lived in a few places and cities, I recently returned home to this town surrounded by the lagoon called Orbetello.

1st: Evan, are you an writer, artist or both?

Evan: You know, I am a writer, but I don’t think that label does my job justice. I am an entertainer. I am a creator of worlds. I give life to characters that have dreams and desires. I take the reader away to a far-off place, allow them to enjoy their time while there, and hopefully stir up an emotion that sticks with them forever.

1st: Stefano, are you an writer, artist or both?

Stefano: Yes, right. I was born as a draftsman even though I’ve always liked writing, sometimes it happens that I can write and draw my own story

1st: Who are some of your greatest influences in comics?

Evan: Whew, there are so many! Larry Hama, for his “Silent Interlude” issue of GI JOE. Ed Hanigan for his breathtaking covers that sucked me in to shelling out my allowance money. Gil Kane, not so much for his fantastic art, but for an article he penned for the Harvard Journal Of Pictorial Fiction. And of course Stan Lee, for the amazing empire he created!

Stefano: A lot of cinema and literature have had and still have a noticeable impact on my work.

1st: If you could hang out with any comic creator, who would it be?

Stefano: Frank Miller.

Evan: Lee Weeks. I’d love to thank him in person for his inspiration. Faith can take you anywhere you need to go, and everywhere you’re supposed to go.

1st:What has your experience been working as an Indie creator?

Stefano: Very good tough and difficult sometimes but definitely enthusiastic.

Evan: It can be a challenge. You have so many ideas, but only so much time. And, of course, only so much money (laughing). But there is no greater thrill than seeing something you created, something you sacrificed so much for, come to life. I’ve been VERY lucky to work with some of the world’s top talent, but more than that, they are some of the world’s best humans.

1st: What advice can you give to anyone interested in getting into comics ?

Stefano: Definitely that of never giving up, even if sometimes it’s difficult and you feel like giving up everything.

Evan: Do it for the love, not for the money, and you will always be happy.

1rst: Congratulations on Blood Run! Being picked up by Scout Comics is fantastic news. What can you tell us about Scout?

Stefano: Thank you Peter, yep , That’s fantastic! I’ve been working with scout comics for some time, I think it was still called Arden publishing before Scout so I think 2012 more or less.

Evan: They are a class act, from top to bottom. They care about quality storytelling, they honor the craft, they understand the hard work you put in, and they are always in your corner. On the business side, it’s refreshing to see that they have strategies in place to make your book as successful as possible. I look forward to partnering with Scout for years to come!

1rst: Blood Run!, what can you tell the readers about the comic?

Evan: BLOOD RUN is non-stop ACTION! It is a race to the death, featuring the most colorful, and sometimes disturbing, characters you will ever see! The participants’ crazy battle vehicles are destructive manifestations of their unique personalities and origins! If you enjoy blood, bullets, flames and explosions blended into a violent beverage, BLOOD RUN will quench your thirst!

Stefano: I don’t want to say much to avoid spoilers, but I can say that it will be a true festival of petrol, flames and crazy racing.

1st: Do you have a web page and links to projects you would like to tell us about.?

Evan: To sign up for the FREE Scout newsletter and to check out all of the awesome Scout titles, printer plates and cool merch, visit www.scoutcomics.com!


Stefano: www.stefanocardoselli.com or on my Instagram pag https://www.instagram.com/stefcardoselli/?hl=it

1st: Where are your anthologies comics and books available?

Stefano: Don’t spit in the Wind by Mad Cave. The first two issues are currently in comic shops, while number 3 and the final one will be available this summer.

1st: What advice can you give to anyone interested in getting into comics ?

Stefano: Write and draw and never stop, make a lot of mistakes and start again

1st: Its been my pleasure to interview you Stefano Cardoselli, Evan Pozios, you guys have had a big impact on me as a creator. Thanks for your time and Evan, Stefano. Do you have any other projects coming up we haven’t discussed and you want the readers to know about?

Stefano: Thank you, yep me and Evan just working on some stories

Evan: Thank you, Peter! We have TOO MUCH on deck! (laughing) While I can’t spill the beans, I can tell you this- if it’s from us, it’s going to entertain, it’s going to be visually stunning, and it’s going to be filled with the absolute best we’ve got!


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