Jon Doxter has run multiple Kickstarter campaigns with Dime Store Detective and Alpha Dogs. He is running a new campaign with a new comic, Space Cruizin‘, and sat down with me to talk about his latest indie project.

Space Cruizin‘ issue 1 by Jon Dexter — Kickstarter

FCF: Tell the comic fans a little bit about yourself.

Jon: I am the creator of the comic series Alpha Dogs and Dime-Store Detective and Space Cruizin’.

FCF: What’s your latest indie project?

Jon: I am currently running a Kickstarter for my new sci-fi comic book Space Cruizin’ #1, which

ends July 11th

FCF: Tell the fans about the current KS Space Cruizin‘. Is there anything different about this campaign?

Jon: Space Cruizin’ is a unique take on the sci-fi genre. It’s a comedy/adventure series that features an enhanced bushido warrior, an alien obsessed with earthling pop culture, and an

obsolete android. The trio of outcasts search the galaxy for earthing artifacts and wind up

attempting to save the universe from evil forces.

FCF: How is it different from your other creations, and why are you doing it now?

Jon: This series is quite different than Alpha Dogs, which is in the superhero genre, and my

supernatural crime comic, Dime-Store Detective. I created Space Criuizin’ as a teenager

and produced it back in 2012(!); however, due to finances, I could not complete it.

I can now finish my passion project thanks to Alpha Dogs’ssuccess.

FCF: I’m a big fan of your Alpha Dogs comic. What’s the future for that project?

Jon: BIG news is coming for Alpha Dogs, which I can’t disclose now. After Space Cruizin’

and Dime-Store Detective issue 4 releases, I will go into production of Alpha Dogs issue 5.

I recently finished the first storyline’s last script, which runs 10 issues. So I’ve got 6

more issues to go!

FCF: What’s changed for you since you started creating your comics?

Jon: Kickstarter has exploded in comic creators attempting to finance their comics on the

platform. So there’s more of us fighting over that chunk of cheese. With more crowdfunding

platforms, more talented artists and writers are seeing their dreams go to print!

FCF: Are there any creative ways you market everything and try to reach out to as many fans as possible?

Jon: Getting your work in front of readers is always an uphill battle. I hit the comic cons and use social media. I hope some upcoming recent events will help my comics in front of


FCF: What are you reading these days?

Jon: I try to read as many diverse comics as I can. I don’t believe in pigeonholing yourself to

one genre. I finished Persepolis, an amazing autobiography graphic novel, and

recently started The Umbrella Academy. As far as indie comics go, I love anything Dirk

Manning produces.

I don’t know about a lot of connections. I think I’m in the same boat as many comic writers.

You feel like you are on an island. Sarah Cooke is a new comic creator who is taking.

Kickstarter by storm. She has a Kickstarter for her comic “No Spell Lasts Forever.”

People should check it out.

FCF: Do you have any last words?

Jon: Be sure to check out my current campaign for Space Cruizin’. It’s a fun series that fans of

sci-fi and comedy will love. You can pick up all my comics on this Kickstarter. Also, my

supernatural noir series, Dime-Store Detective issue 4, drops on Kickstarter in August!

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