Fantagraphics Announces the Publication of BRABA: A Groundbreaking Brazilian Comics Anthology Edited by Rafael Grampá and Janaína de Luna

SAN DIEGO, CA—JULY 20, 2023 – Fantagraphics, the renowned publisher of cutting-edge comics and graphic novels, is thrilled to announce BRABA, a high concept anthology of innovative Brazilian comics. Expertly curated by renowned Brazilian cartoonist Rafael Grampá and famed Brazilian comics editor Janaina de Luna, this extraordinary collection of 13 short stories created by 16 pioneering Brazilian cartoonists captures the vibrant and daring nature of the Brazilian comics scene. Produced in collaboration with Brazilian publisher MINO, BRABA is set to release in Fall 2024.

BRABA brings together a diverse array of voices and styles under a unifying theme: deeply personal stories from experimental cartoonists. Each artist has uniquely interpreted this concept, resulting in a collection that encapsulates the intensity, political gravitas, and artistic avant-garde spirit of the Brazilian comics community during one of the country’s most challenging socio-political periods.

The contributors to BRABA include Amanda Miranda, Bruno Seelig, Diego Sanchez, Gabriel Goes, Jefferson Costa, Jéssica Groke, Sirlene Barbosa, João Pinheiro, Cris Eiko, Paulo Crumbim, Pedro Cobiaco, Pedro Franz, Rafael Coutinho, Shiko, and Wagner Willian. Each artist has brought their unique voice and style to the anthology, creating compelling and thought-provoking short stories contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of Brazilian comics.

The term “BRABA,” a Brazilian slang derived from “BRAVA” meaning angry, has been embraced as a symbol of something impressive and groundbreaking. Originating from Brazil’s edgy youth culture, the term is a compliment for individuals who exhibit vibrant and daring attitudes. Through this anthology, BRABA aims to showcase the boldness and resilience required to thrive in Brazil’s bourgeoning comics scene.

“I discovered many artists I love through anthologies,” explains Rafael Grampá. “I have always dreamed of working with Fantagraphics, and I’m happy to be able to share this opportunity with some of the most talented Brazilian comic artists today. I hope BRABA will impact more readers around the world with the vibrant and powerful comic scene happening in Brazil.”

Fantagraphics VP and Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds adds, “We are incredibly excited to bring BRABA and a vibrant Brazilian comics scene to readers around the world. This collection not only highlights the exceptional talent of Brazilian cartoonists but also underscores Fantagraphics’ commitment to publishing the most remarkable works in the medium.”

BRABA will be available for purchase in bookstores and online retailers starting Fall 2024.

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