Fans of the blockbuster sold out epic rejoice!

Xing Xin’s blockbuster epic Ximphonic Versus part 2 is coming out from Quantum Entanglement Comics this Summer!

When Ximphonic Versus was rejected 157 by publishers except Marvel and DC , Scotlynd Xing Xin-Bedford did not get discouraged.  Like any passionate creator, he persevered and now Book 1 has has sold out its 5th printing and is starting its 6th print run. Ximphonic Versus 2 is already sold out in pre-sales. Now with deluxe action figures deals and Television shows in development. Ximphonic Versus is volcanic!


“The fable will touch on realistic tones but set in a very stunning Fantasy backdrop. The characters development is a main focal point. As their lives are plagued by the everyday things we all know and understand. The complexity of the story comes from their relationships and personal lives. It also touches upon how they deal with situations pertaining to love, heartbreak, forgiveness and evil. Human emotions set in a fantasy world. the stunning art on every page and panel with action that transcends what is out today. An amazing soundtrack is being composed for each volume of this series by famed Michael Roberts. Readers will also have access to Royal lineage charts, different languages and much more.




“Ximphonic Versus story centers on Crowned Prince Addonnis Neos Latrunculus, Heir Apparent To The Divine Throne Of the Noctium Imperium. He must embark on a treacherous journey, through A world of endless enemies and challenges. As Darkness seeks to drive him to the brink of madness, dragging him down into an unending grief. Everything he once knew and believed, has been consumed by the depths of darkness itself. Forced to choose between “Two Evils” and the women he Loves. He seeks to defeat Death itself and bring his beloved back from the dead. Coupled with Loss and tragedy that will lead to a future no one could have imagined. As Romanticized Darkness, Influenced And Beautifully Interwoven as Shakespearean Lore. Setting the stage In this Dark, Beautiful and mysteriously shocking tale. This epic series is told as a tale of Love,Tragedy and Dark Ambition. From Opera and Mobsters, to Magical Beings And Gothic Inspired Metropolises Ximphonic Versus is breaking the mold on Fantasy convention.

The Anime series will hit TV screens worldwide! Coming from the Global Genesis Group. With Music from world-renowned musical composers TWO STEPS FROM HELL.

Scotlynd Xing Xin-Bedford.


He is the founder of Quantum Entanglement Comics and writer/creator, artist for Ximphonic Versus. Scotlynd is also a Hollywood Executive Producer with three creator owned  television shows in development, with world renowned  TWO STEPS FROM HELL   composing the music. The television series are set to premier world-wide soon!

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