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Second Sight Publishing: The Edge goes monthly
Marvin Wynn’s Hot Comic Series The Edge Monthly For August Release


We hope you’re as excited as we are because we are at the frontier of an Indie comics revolution!
“The groundbreaking publisher joins forces with the iconic indie comic series and we’re proud to
announce because of fan demand, Marvin Wynn’s The edge is going monthly in August. #MarvinWynn
#The Edgecomics to Second Sight! #indiecomics #blackcomics #blacksuperhero #comics
MISSISSIPPI — Second Sight Publishing — who delivered Lady Freedom, Duplicant, and Mississippi Zombie anthology series
– The Edge is going from bi-monthly to monthly starting August 2021.
“We couldn’t be happier to have The Edge go monthly,” said CEO Bradley Golden. “I’ve been a fan of this series for some
time, Marvin is an amazing writer and the art is over the top.”
The Edge is the brainchild of writer Marvin Wynn, a 46-year-old Westview resident and drawn by
Philippines-based artist Mark Louie VuycanKiat. The series has gained a solid social media following,
raking in more than 1900 likes on Facebook. The EDGE is about a cast of characters with varied
superpowers thanks to their exposure to the titular “edge,” a mysterious substance that genetically
alters those exposed to it. The Revenant, a central character introduced in the first issue, serves as a
villain of sorts who wants to take revenge on the people for loading his body with the dangerous
compound. He faces a team of ostensible heroes also enhanced by the substance, including Mystic,
the leader, who wields an energy-blasting sword. There’s also the young Bolt, who lacks strong control
of his electrical powers. Interim, another team member, can wield portals and see five to 10 seconds
into the future.

Wynn has been building a story with these characters that he hopes to continue for a long time. He
originally envisioned the story ending after 25 issues, but now sees it lasting as long as readers will
allow. The Edge will retail for 3.99 and be on stands going from bi-monthly to monthly in August of 2021. For more information, please check out:

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