“Fallen Grayson” Begins in Nightwing #114!


On May 21, within the pages of DC’s Nightwing comic book series, the Eisner Award-winning duo of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo reunite to tell Nightwing’s greatest story yet. In Nightwing #114, the beginning of a five-part arc, the culmination of Heartless’s sabotage on Nightwing reaches its dramatic climax when Nightwing loses his ability to leap, impeding his duties to be the Super Hero we know and love.

And, spoiler alert, the creative team is putting everything into their final addition to Nightwing’s legacy.

“When Bruno Redondo and I first took on this series,” said Tom Taylor, “we felt it was the perfect time for a big Nightwing story. We wanted to show the world why Dick Grayson was an A-lister in our eyes. It was the right time for a charming, entertaining, positive force for good pushing back against corruption and greed. It was also time for Dick and Babs to get a puppy.”

“I love Haley, aka Bitewing,” said Bruno Redondo, “but I was really looking to draw a bearded Nightwing since we started. Our very last arc on Nightwing gives me that chance.”

“We’re pretty damn proud of our guy,” continued Taylor, “and I’m very proud of our whole team on our 40+ issues of Nightwing. Everything we’ve worked on since issue #78 has been leading to this story. The villain, Heartless (working with Tony Zucco—the man who killed Dicks’ parents), has planned what comes next for a very long time. He has watched a city changed for the better by one hero, and he has waited for the moment when tearing out the heart of Bludhaven would hurt the most. Bruno and I wanted to put Nightwing on a pedestal. We wanted to show how high this flying Grayson could soar. Now, it’s time for him to fall.”

“It will make many people sad,” said Redondo, “but it’ll also build. One last ride, full Tom and Bruno. If we are gonna end this (and every long arc needs to find its end), we are gonna make it in a big way.”

“I’m with you, Bruno, and Nightwing really is in a great place to go forward,” finished Taylor. “As our time with Nightwing sadly draws to an end, Dick leads the DC universe with the Titans and has been the front man for two massive events in Dark Crisis and Beast World. I couldn’t be happier.”

Nightwing #114 will publish on May 21. Reach out to your local comic book shop to order, along with the rest of the ongoing Nightwing run.

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