Fall Out Trading Cards Vol. 2 Foil Pack Box

Fall Out Trading Cards Vol. 2 Foil Pack Box

FC | $95.76 | Teen+

Based on the worldwide best-selling phenomenon, Fallout Trading Cards: Series 1 Trading Card Set, Dynamite Entertainment proudly releases Fallout Trading Cards: Series 2! Each Box contains 24 packs! Featuring 100 unique base cards, 100 Holofoil chase cards, 48 Fallout 76 Perk cards and 8 Ultra-Rare Robo Fun cards. Fallout fans can continue to collect trading cards representing their favorite weapons, gear, characters, and much more from this comprehensive collection of art and design which now includes art and material from Fallout 76.

Level up with 48 unique PERK Card designs taken directly from the Fallout 76 game files! These series 2 PERK Cards are replicas of the Vault-Tec SPECIAL trading cards earned as you play your way through post-great war Appalachia. Printed on vintage trading card stock, these Dynamite PERK Cards have the same look and feel as those found by players in the 22nd century. Look for even more rare yellow back PERK Cards!

Learn much more about the Fallout Universe with details and concept art that give collectors a deeper glimpse into the world that IGN said “(we could) easily be able to spend another 100 happy hours here and still see new and exciting things”.

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