Faerie Folio and a Peek at Tarot#30!

Fascinated by Faeries?

For those who are curious, Love collecting the usual, enjoy the beautiful and strange this is something that will be the ticket to Adventure!

This 6.5×10” saddle stitched, Pixie dusted shimmered cover, Art book that will explain the dos and don’t when entering the Faerie Realm!

In the 28 pages, you’ll see various illustrations of Faerie Realm residence as well as some familiar faces from the BroadSword world, on every single page.

These parchment looking pages have space enough to collect various stickers of faerie realm and Blissful entities. Comes with your first Faerie Sticker, who will it be?
$24.99 ( Bliss Backers!! Visit your Kickstarter page for a SPECIAL offer on this item)

The Faerie Folio

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Sneak Peek at a page from Tarot#130!

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What Mayhem is this?!

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