Experience one of comics’ most-beloved “A genre-mashup like no other to shift the timeline of music history…” stories…

In this new Mad Cave series beyond space and time, music brings hopeful melancholy and connection with beautiful orchestration

JUNE 12, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — From the avant-garde to the pop charts, the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

Mad Cave Studios calls music fans from all walks for the exciting unveiling of the supernatural adventure SPECTRUM, written by Rick Quinn (Uncanny Valley, Spirit Drifters, The Negatives) with art by mystical comic auteur by Dave Chisholm (Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound).

Melody Parker is losing her mind. She’s living on the streets of Seattle during the WTO protests of 1999. She is seeing things. Androids. Aliens. Pigs in high fashion. And a creature named Echo—one of the Sustained: elemental beings with the power to alter reality through music. She invites Melody to join her as she brings about the end of the world. As Melody tries to escape this strange woman, suppressed memories from across vast spans of time flood into her awareness, bringing her very identity into question. You don’t want to miss this stunning new release from writer Rick Quinn and music-comic-specialist Dave Chisholm (Miles Davis & the Search for the Sound).

“You know that part in ‘99 Problems’ where Jay-Z says ‘You crazy for this one, Rick’? That’s how I feel about Mad Cave agreeing to publish Spectrum,” said Rick Quinn. “This is not an ordinary comic book. It’s a story about art and madness, told in a kaleidoscopic style that spans the whole of the 20th century. Dave and I pushed ourselves to the absolute limits of our creativity, wanting to make something idiosyncratic and unconventional in every way that reader’s could get truly lost in.”

“When Rick sent me the script for the first issue, I was floored!” said Dave Chisholm. I had to draw this book. It was like he read my mind. As a lifelong musician, comic creator, sci-fi fanatic, and obsessor of everything weird, strange, and uncanny, Spectrum had everything I would want in a book. It manages to be simultaneously heartfelt, experimental, cosmic, and personal. I wanted the visuals to follow suit, and so I pushed myself in every way. Each issue will surprise and wow readers. Needless to say: I’m really, really happy with how it turned out. We were both elated when Mad Cave Studios picked it up for publication!”

If The Sandman had a melody, mixed with The Invisibles and Echolands, dashed with a bit of Music is History by Questlove and Twin Peaks, there you’ll find Spectrum.

Cover A by Dave Chisholm, cover B by Reiko Murakami (The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country). Creators Rick Quinn and Dave Chisholm will be in attendance at Heroes Con, in Charlotte, NC, June 14 – June 16.

The six-issue series is set to release this November, beginning with Spectrum #1.

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