Evil Awakens in Broadacres: Prairie Gods


Shane Connery Volk takes a shake at his first creator-owned supernatural B-horror miniseries, featuring 5 strange stories and one ghost town to unite them

JUNE 11, 2024, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — Coming soon from Mad Cave Studios, face the supernatural in the all-new miniseries, PRAIRIE GODS, featuring 5 new tales spiraling in adventure and B-horror by famed artist Shane Connery Volk (Nottingham)!

Prairie Gods is The Twilight Zone meets Sin City. Each self-contained issue centers on supernatural events and characters in and around the small prairie town of Broadacres. The series will resonate with fans of Hellboy, while the shifting genres and themes will appeal to fans of Westerns, crime, racecar movies, lost treasure serials, and war stories—with a dose of action throughout.

The first exhilarating story features Freddy Davis, a champion race car driver, who has returned home to Broadacres. He buys the abandoned speedway intending to race against its only undefeated driver: the Devil himself.

Future issues seamlessly weave terrifying revenants, aliens, and time travel into the Broadacres setting, expanding each chapter of this anthology series to serve a larger mythos and establish a captivating cast of characters.

“I love short stories, comic books, B-movies and rock’n’roll,” said Shane Connery Volk. “I put a little bit of everything into my first creator owned series, Prairie Gods! Action, Sci-fi, Westerns and Thrillers come together in a small prairie town with big supernatural secrets—and even bigger characters. It’s like a B movie marathon in comic book form. Coming soon to a comic shop near you!!

Cover B by Jason Shawn Alexander

Unleash the Supernatural and bask in the horror. Cover A by Shane Connery Volk and cover B by Jason Shawn Alexander (Spawn, Killadelphia).

Prairie Gods #1 drops in shops Sept. 4th.

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