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“Every character has a purpose and a story.” That’s how the creative team at Great North Comics start out their description of Norlan: Sorceress of Light. I’m a huge fan of Auric of the Great White North, the flagship title from the gang at Great North Comics and back in Auric #4, we were introduced Rolly Bonami, an axe-swinging, gun-wielding, technologically enhanced French Canadian, Desbois. This year, the breakout character from Auric’s adventures is, Kinzie Norlan.

Norlan #1 Cover
Norlan #1 Cover

Norlan: Sorceress of Light, will be a 12-page original one-shot that spins out of the current Auric story arc. Who is this fellow member of Auric’s Legion ’99 team and how will she aid Auric in defending the North? I had a chance to toss some interview questions at my pal Davis Dewsbury, writer of Auric and Norlan this weekend. So let’s find out what Norlan: Sorceress of Light is all about.

Martin Boruta: Thanks for taking a few moments to chat about your new comic release. You know I’m a huge fan so it should be no surprise I’m eager to read Norlan.

Davis Dewsbury: Thanks so much for doing this and helping us get the word out.

Martin: Let’s get the introductions out of the way. Tell everyone here at First Comics News a little about who is Davis Dewsbury.

Davis: I’m the co-creator and writer of Auric of the Great White North and this new spin-off one-shot, Norlan: Sorceress of Light. That makes me the fella in charge of filling in over a century of Auric life stories.

Martin: Who is Norlan: Sorceress of Light?

Davis: Kinzie Norlan is an 18-year-old, head-strong, independent young lady who plays a very important roll as the magical member of Legion ’99, Auric’s modern team of heroes. We introduced Kinzie in Auric #1 and I’ve been itching for the right time to give her a proper introduction with more details on who she is and what drives her to be a champion of the north.

Martin: Of all the characters introduced in your Auric comic why specifically focus on Norlan for your next title? What makes her so special?

Davis: Well, for those who are familiar with our book Auric of the Great White North, our fourth issue mostly focussed on Desbois, another member of Auric’s team. As happy as we were with how that issue turned out, we felt we owed Kinzie the same respect. Auric is over a century old and has learned over the years to rely on the help of his teammates. Another thing that makes Kinzie special is her connection to Auric. I don’t want to go into details about exactly what that connection is but, if you pick up the new NORLAN One-Shot, you just may find out.

Martin: Norlan’s creative team is the same folks that work with you to put out the super fun Auric title. I can’t help but notice these same folks are working on Norlan.

Davis: I love my creative team. I’ve worked with Andrew Thomas (Co-Creator, Artist & Letterer) right from the beginning with Auric and I’ve worked with Sharon Gauthier (Colourist) for even longer. I can’t say enough about these two. We all seem to work on the same channel. All three of us LOVE the medium of comic books dearly and want comics to be a major part of our lives. Andrew and Sharon are no-nonsense hustlers. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds and they work their asses off to get projects done. Those two expect a high standard from themselves and the rest of us on the team. I couldn’t imagine not working with them, especially on this story.

Martin: Norlan is a one-shot? Was this just a fun story that needed to be told? Why not a full spin-off series?

Davis: To be honest? Time. All three of us have either jobs or other projects going and just wouldn’t be able to commit to another ongoing series right now. For me, Auric is the priority. But I do believe as the Auric book continues, we’ll be able to tell more Kinzie and Desbois stories and continue to develop them as characters.

Martin: What’s the age range of the target audience? Auric is very “Kid friendly”.

Davis: Just like the Auric series, Norlan is kid friendly as well. It’s written for young and old but we avoid the more mature themes that would alienate our younger audience.

Martin: What’s next for Norlan after this one-shot?

Norlan #1 Interior Page
Norlan #1 Interior Page

Davis: Kinzie is scheduled for an important scene in the next issue of Auric of the Great White North (Issue #5). She’ll be doing what a good teammate does, saving the bacon of someone who’s gotten themselves into a spot of trouble. I wonder who that could be?

Martin: And what’s next for Great North Comics?

Davis: Great North Comics will be moving forward with more Auric books and stories. As I mentioned earlier, issue #5 is already in the works. At the same time, I’m plotting issue #6 which will most likely be a double-sized issue that is meant to wrap up the first story arc. We have something cool lined-up for the next printing of Auric #0 (our first Auric comic). We’ve recently sold out of its fourth printing (that’s about 800 copies) and since there’s still an ongoing demand for it, we’re cooking up something cool to keep it fresh and exciting. I’m also looking forward to focussing on the next Auric arc (starting with issue #7). I’ll be collaborating and sharing writing chores on that story arc with Auric Tall Tails writer and friend, Josh Rose.

Martin: Now the important question, where do we get a copy of Norlan: Sorceress of Light?

Davis: Every year, since we started Auric in 2015, we’ve released a book for the Northern Ontario Expo Comicon Timmins and the Norlan One-shot is that book for this year’s show. The book will be available there exclusively for April 21st and 22nd and if there are any left after the show people can contact Andrew or me and we’ll hook them up.

Martin: Davis, as always, it’s been a treat. Continue pumping out those great Canadian independent comics my Friend.

Davis: Hey, thanks again, Marty! It’s always a pleasure.

So, once again, Norlan: Sorceress of Light will be available April 21st-22nd at the Northern Ontario Expo’s Timmins Comicon. Every purchase of a copy of Norlan: Sorceress of Light at the convention enters you into a draw to win one of the 2018 Limited Edition T-Shirts. Follow the folks at Great North Comic on their Facebook page at

Issue: Norlan: Sorceress of Light #1 | Publisher: Great North Comics
Writer: Davis Dewsbury | Artists: Andrew Thomas & Sharon Gauthier
Lettering: Andrew Thomas | Editor: Davis Dewsbury
Price: $4.99 – 12 pages

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