Evercade adds Atari Lynx Collection Volume 1 to growing collection

Evercade, an upcoming handheld retro system that gathered a ton of momentum leading up to its April launch, has just announced the first title beyond the ten initially announced collections.

Collection 11 features the cult classic game system the Atari Lynx and comes with a staggering 17 games on one cartridge with a solid lineup of titles. Here is the full list of games:

1. Scrapyard Dog
2. Basketbrawl
3. Super Asteroids / Missile Command®
4. Awesome Golf
5. Crystal Mines II: Buried Tresure
6. CyberVirus
7. Dracula the Undead
8. Gordo 106
9. Ishido: The Way of Stones
10. Jimmy Connors Tennis
11. Loopz
12. Malibu Bikini Volleyball
13. Megapak
14. Power Factor
15. Remnant
16. Super Sqweek
17. Xump

So lets take a moment to get everyone caught up on what is actually happening here. Evercade is a portable handheld system that features a 4.3″ screen, six buttons, an HDMI out port and boasts of 4-5 hours of play with its built-in rechargeable batteries. The catch that separates Evercade from the growing throngs of new handhelds is that they are focusing on retro games, every collection comes on a cartridge in a case with a full-color manual and every game is licensed and supports the developers or rights holders.

Look at that again, full color manuals in 2020. A system that gives real value to its customers, did I mention that each collection costs $20 or that the system with one collection of games is $79.99 or you can get three collections with the system for $99.99? Crazy.

The reason that the Atari Lynx is a great catch is that it is a grossly underrated system with many console exclusives that never appeared on a different system. Prices for the system and its games have shot up in value recently and modders have ever taken to replacing the originals faded screen with newer modern screens to enhance the games further. Of course this has a price; Lynx systems with the better displays will cost you are $300. Yikes. Add that to prices of some of the games that are around $60 each and it adds up quickly.

That is the beauty of this announcement, people finally have an affordable way to experience these games decades after they were originally released, on a better screen no less, for a fraction of the cost. The title is listed as Atari Lynx Collection 1 so there is hope for further collections down the line, might I suggest Todd’s Adventures in Slime World? I am looking forward to the system launching and featuring it on the Sports & Geekery Youtube channel.


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