Eric M. Esquivel is a HORRIBLE HUMAN.

I knew this weeks ago when on Facebook it was advertised he’d be appearing at a Comic-Con in AZ and I commented on the post that his comic is *READ: “politically divisive” and that I felt its a shame on account that I’d met him following a panel and he seemed nice enough and full of passion for comics, I’d just been disappointed when I read his magnum opus “Border Town” and found that it was full of SJW propaganda.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a few examples of the BS he had inserted into a demon book:

So yeah, the racist killers are hurling the comments of our current president. So if you voted for Trump how are you supposed to feel about reading his book. That was on page ONE. Then a little further in a beast shows people their greatest fears… well for white people that fear is apparently Trayvon Martin. Wow… just: WoW. I found garbage like this not just insulting but as I stated, divisive. Obviously. I stated as such on Facebook and he blasted me and showed the factual post I made on his personal page to rile his fans up instead of discussing it. He only plays to one side of the isle. Politically Divisive was correct. Fuck this guy.

Because Eric M. Esquivel is a HORRIBLE HUMAN.

I saw that he was a smiteful garbage human but I took my post down and decided against going public further on my feelings about him. Today I saw the NEWS. FirstComicsNews has confirmed that DC Comics has cancelled the final fifth and sixth issues of the mini-series Border Town, published by DC Comics and Vertigo to much acclaim this year. Not only that, but all listings on Diamond’s website for previous issues have been removed, scorching earth that this comic ever existed there or that retailers could reorder issues. (Update: upcoming issues have since returned, been removed, and returned again, but previous issues are still removed. This could be a cache issue, it should resolve soon.)

On the 9th of December,  toy designer Cynthia Naugle posted an in-depth account of alleged sexual, mental and emotional abuse on Blogspot, regarding someone in the comic book industry, living in Tucson who had a Vertigo comic book launch this summer.

The person in question was identified on Twitter as my old poltically divisive nemesis and HUGE ASSHAIR Eric Esquivel, whose Border Town series launched from Vertigo Comics this summer. Others wanted to back her account up. While Naugle did not name “X” in her blog post, the details matched only one person: writer Eric Esquivel. Naugle later confirmed his identity with other sources. According to her post, she had written to Esquivel to confront him about his actions, but his reaction was to write a hasty and trivial apology. He then deleted all of his social media accounts except his Twitter, which he turned private. It was after this that Naugle took her account public.

As the account circulated on Twitter, several other people stepped up to say they also had had inappropriate interactions with Esquivel and that rumors had been circulating about him for a while. In addition, several incidents involving misconduct by Esquivel were posted on Facebook, adding to the picture of someone whose troubling behavior had been circulating for some time.

Border Town launched earlier this year to general acclaim. Drawn by Ramon Villalobos with colors by Tamra Bonvillain, the series dealt with racial tensions, a supernatural invasion and the Latinx experience. While Esquivel has been on the comics scene for quite a while, the book was seen as a huge break for him. As year-end lists were compiled, he was being named a future star because unfortunately our industry rewards pieces of shit like him. Thank god all of that has ended with the growing list of misconduct by Esquivel.

Subsequently, colourist on the series Tamra Bonvillain stated that she would stop working on the book.

With artist Ramon Villalobos following – issuing the following statement.


Out of respect for all parties involved, I wanted to stay quiet about this situation the last few days but I feel like I should take a moment to say my piece.

I have made it my practice to believe women, full stop. The bravery and strength it took for her to write that letter is probably not strength or bravery I may ever have. There had been vague rumors about Eric and his treatment of women and although I was given no real specifics, I insisted to Eric that he come clean to me and our team about any inappropriate interactions he may have had. I think now that I did not give enough weight to those rumors and I can’t state enough how much I regret that. To the best of my abilities, I took the matters through the proper channels and DC/Vertigo handled it in a way that felt responsible and direct. I probably can’t get into detail allowed me to get back to my job. I want to be clear that neither me, Tamra, or anyone in editorial knew about what came out and it’s very disheartening to se information come out.

Border Town meant a lot to me because it was a confluence of so many of my interests. Elements of horror, comedy, teenage rebellion, latino culture, etc. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I’ve poured everything I had into this and it is the best work of my relatively young career. It has made my life better having done it.

But this is not about me.

Whatever this person felt and experienced is what matters the most and I want to be clear that I think dealing with abuse and making the comics industry a safer place is the most important thing to come from this. To know the art that I’m so proud of, and the world I have lived in and created for the last year of my life had brought so much pain to individuals frankly outweighs the joy I know it brought others and that is going to be something that is hard to reconcile. There is no way to really make up of my shortcomings in this situation, but I hope in future actions I can find a way to show this is important to me. Thank you.”

They left because Eric M. Esquivel


I hope his career is over. I do. He’s trash, his work was trash and he is as a person.

I knew Devin Faraci was GARBAGE before anyone listened and this TURD is the same. Facts are facts, on the page and in real life he’s a disaster. HEY, Comic book industry WAKE UP; stop backing shitheads. Dammit.


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Eric M. Esquivel is a HORRIBLE HUMAN. I knew this weeks ago when on Facebook it was advertised he'd be appearing at a Comic-Con in AZ and I commented on the post that his comic is *READ: 'politically divisive' and that I felt its a shame on account that I'd...