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Back in August, I sent out a call to the Black Comic Community asking if they would be interested in joining Advent Comics in a once-in-a-lifetime crossover event with popular heroic characters and famous creators from across the Comic Book Industry.  The answer was a resounding yes as creators from around the globe immediately stepped up to participate. What was to become the EPIPHANY ENGINEtook shape and was formed.

EPIPHANY ENGINE is going to be a 192 page graphic novel produced and published by Advent Comics.  Fan-favorite characters such as Aceblade, Akolyte, Dreadlocks, Hotshot, Mega Woman, Midnight Tiger and Purge from comic publishers such as 4th Wall Productions, Freestyle Komics, Godhood Comics, Griot Enterprises, Konkret Comics, the Powerverse, Second Sight Comics, Sovereign Comics, Wingless Comics and many others are joining Advent Comics and Titan the Ultra Man in participating in this massive, graphic novel.  More information about the book’s creative team will be available in next month’s newsletter.

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