Advent Comics rockets towards its upcoming 15th Anniversary in August but before that momentous occasion, the work on our BIGGEST PROJECT to date goes full-steam ahead!  The epic, 192-page EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel is in development and will make history as over 40 Indie Comic Book Publishers and 70 top creators ftom across the comic book industry band together to create the ultimate crossover event!  With news of the creation of the EPIPHANY ENGINE, it has received global coverage by Bleeding Cool, Popverse and Publishers Weekly among many others.  With the launch of the EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel less than a month away on Kickstarter, we pull back the curtains to reveal details of what will be the hottest campaign of the summer.

Over 40 Indie Comics Publishers Join Forces for EPIPHANY ENGINE


The EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel Writing Team

EPIPHANY ENGINE will feature an amazing selection of talented writers!

The EPIPHANY ENGINE boasts a thrilling story told by a collection of highly-skilled comic book industry writers:

  • Brandon Thomas (Excellence, Horizon, The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury)
  • Colleen Douglas (Vic Argus, Mother of Monsters)
  • Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs, DC Comics/Milestone Media New Talent Initiative)
  • Robert Jeffrey (Route 3, One Nation, Changa and the Jade Obelisk)
  • Rodney Barnes (Killadelphia, Blackula, SHOOK! A Black Horror Anthology)
  • Brian Hawkins (Black Cotton, The Vineyard)
  • Alverne Ball (One Nation, SHOOK! A Black Horror Anthology)
  • Lonzo Starr (Akolyte)
  • John Robinson (Scorpio)
  • David Rucker (Decimation Earth)
  • Dwayne Robinson Jr. (Salvation, Nightfall: Michael’s Awakening)

The EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel Interior Artists

The EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel InteriorArtists are providing some of the best art…EVER!!!

An artistic “Dream Team” is being assembled for this once-in-a-lifetime crossover event and I have the privilege of announcing this all-star lineup to the world:

  • Sean Damien Hill (Marvel Voices, X-Men Bishop: War College)
  • N Steven Harris (Batman: Huntress, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Generation X, X-Force)
  • Greg Maldonado (DC Comics/Milestone Media New Talent Initiative)
  • Steven “Sash” Scott (Fist of the Dragon)
  • Chriscross (Superman/Batman, JLA, Static, Captain Marvel, Blood Syndicate, Firestorm)
  • Eric Battle (DC Comics The Spectre, Milestone Media Hardware, Aspen Comics The Scourge)
  • Bobby Lexx Spencer (No One To Save, IV Armageddon)
  • Stanley Weaver Jr. (Stalker Journals, Heretic’s War)
  • Caanan White (Harlem Hellfighters, Luke Cage: Gang War, Marvel Voices)
  • David Brame (Is’nana the Were-Spider)

If you know anything about these artists then you know the talent they bring to the table is impeccable!  I hope that you are ready for a truly amazing story with mindblowing art to boot!

But wait, who are some of the characters that will appear in the EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel??

Some of the hottest characters in the Indie Comics Industry are going to be making appearances:

  • Ray A. Height’s Midnight Tiger
  • Urban Style Comics Dreadlocks
  • Konkret Comics Akolyte
  • Spirits Destiny Studio Spirit Destiny
  • Advent Comics Titan the Ultra Man
  • Godhood Comics Mega Woman
  • 4th Wall Productions Aceblade
  • Griot Enterprises The Horsemen
  • Freestyle Komics Hotshot

Plus, many more characters will be appearing within the EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel!

The EPIPHANY ENGINE Graphic Novel launches on Kickstarter on June 19, 2024 (Juneteenth).

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