Enhance Your WoW Experience: Must-Have Addons for Simplifying Gameplay

Addons (modifications) for World of Warcraft add new functions to the game, modify the standard interface, expand the capabilities of the auction, guilds, and world map, make it easier to complete current content, complete quests, etc.

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​In this article, you will find useful addons that will help simplify different aspects of the game.

Addons for chat and messages

BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter

While experts say that with the development of AI, the problem of spam will become more urgent, we in the game can turn off annoying spam messages. BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter will help solve this problem. It blocks offers to buy gold or accounts and hides messages with obscene language and repeated text. The addon works with all chat tabs: private, LFG, general, raid, group, guild, and so on.

Chat Copy Paste

A simple but quite useful modification for chat. Thanks to it, you can copy the text of messages into any of the tabs, be it a trading chat or searching for satellites. You can copy anything, even the names of items, quests, and links.

UI assemblies


Replaces all elements of the standard Blizzard user interface, and also allows you to customize them the way you want. In addition, the addon allows you to connect additional modules, download ready-made design templates, create individual profiles for each character, etc.


This add-on can be called a simplified version of ElvUI. It also allows the player to change the user interface according to their personal preferences but does not have many features that some users may find difficult to configure or unnecessary. TukUI has everything you need to edit command bars, mini-map, micro-menu, bag slots, and more.

Mail and auction


Suitable for anyone who frequently interacts with game mail (sends items, picks up items from the auction, buys resources via cash on delivery). It extends the capabilities of the standard mailbox window by adding some useful features, such as collecting content from all letters with one click, auto-filling the recipient’s name, copying text, and quickly returning the letter to the sender. And that’s not all that Postal has to offer.


The rules of auctions change sometimes, but players still love this activity. This modification is recommended for anyone who trades at auction and makes money by reselling items. It greatly simplifies the search for the desired items, offers customizable filters, saves shopping lists, records prices, provides information on changes in the cost of goods over the last 20 days, etc.


Changes the standard auction window and adds many useful functions to it: “smart” scanning of the list of lots, filters, selling different products with one click, searching for items with competitive prices, and much more.

Guild and friends

Guild Roster Manager (GRM)

Allows you to exchange various data with guild members (if they have the same addon installed), sort them into groups, quickly exclude all players who have been inactive for a certain time, attach extended notes to the names of guild members with the ability to indicate the date of birth and a list of “alts” etc. In addition, in the Guild Roster Manager settings, you can enable reminders for joint events or other important game events.

Fast Guild Invite

The most useful addon for those who want to invite many players to their guild. Fast Guild Invite automatically sends online Sims an invitation to join a guild and sends them private messages with additional information. In the modification settings, you can write the text of the message and indicate who should receive your invitations.

Quests and leveling up

Azeroth Auto Pilot

Has everything you need to quickly complete quests. Automatically accepts and submits tasks, shows on the world map the exact location of quest mobs/items with detailed hints, helps to understand confusing plot chains, etc.


It makes leveling up your character much easier and is recommended for all players, especially those who are new to the world of World of Warcraft. The addon selects convenient upgrade routes at different stages of the hero’s development and also reminds you of the need to turn in the completed task. Additionally, RestedXP shows the best resource collection routes with the ability to customize them.



A convenient addon that replaced the famous Cartographer_Notes. With it, you can leave markers on the map and attach text notes to them. In addition, the modification adds a coordinate system to the game, making it much easier to navigate the world.


A popular add-on navigator that is easy to use and has many useful functions: placing markers on the world map, displaying player/cursor coordinates, an indicator of the direction of movement to the selected marker, calculating the distance to the target, and much more.

If you wish, you can download and install entire assemblies, which include many functions and additional modules. The most popular of them are ElvUI and TukUI.

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