Enchant Your Kindle… Let Your Imagination take Flight!

Heya! Happy Saturn Day!!
Yup- I said I would rest today…lol but I just had a morning of fun taking photos and making banners! I guess I’m just too excited about learning how to publish an ebook on Kindle!! WOOT!!!
I did include the book in the Kindle Unlimited-so if you are a member, you may add Bliss to your reading list with out extra charge.
If you wish to purchase it, I have the Book at $14.99
You may still Grab my printed version from my website as well as my card deck.

I also did an update to my Promo Video- link is below…
I do hope you follow me into my world of Magick & Art…

Find Your Bliss On Kindle Today!


Welcome to the Entities of my Imagination…

I Update the Cover for Kindle a bit…

To the Heart of Bliss-Ecvr

Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 1.57.22 PM

Watch on my YouTube Channel!


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