July 24, 2023 – Titan Comics and Square Enix are thrilled to reveal the next chapter in the LIFE IS STRANGE comics, coming this December: LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT – from Winner of the Russ Manning Newcomer Award at the 2023 Eisner Awards, creator Zoe Thorogood (It’s Lonely At The Centre Of The EarthThe Impending Blindness of Billie Scott).

FORGET-ME-NOT introduces two fan-favorite characters from LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLORS to the unique Titan Comics timeline.

Psychic empath guitarist Alex Chen and drummer, DJ, and super-nerd Steph Gingrich are now touring their band across smalltown America; a tour of crusty venues, distracted audiences, and cold nights huddled in their camper van.

As the days blur together, Alex and Steph begin to doubt their choices – until they find another lost soul on the side of the road, a mysterious teenager named Lily.

Alex and Steph take Lily under their wing, to uncover the truth of what she’s running from. But there’s more to Lily than meets the eye, as she struggles under the weight of heartache and memories from lives she hasn’t lived. An all-too-familiar story for Alex, who’s lived her life buffeted by the emotions of others. Is there time to save Lily from a similar lonely fate?

Since its launch in 2018, Titan’s LIFE IS STRANGE comic has featured the unforgettable creative team of artist Claudia Leonardi and colorist Andrea Izzo, who return for this new series – with Zoe Thorogood joining the team as writer, taking over from Emma Vieceli, who wrote the comic for a staggering four-year run from 2018 until 2022.

“It’s difficult to emphasise how formative the original LIFE IS STRANGE was for my teen years, I played it when I was 16 and remember falling in love with it instantly,” says writer Zoe Thorogood. “I downloaded each episode on the day they came out. Even now, episode 2 is one of the most powerful game experiences I’ve ever had. Personally, LIFE IS STRANGE has always been a series about misfits trying to find themselves and their crowd, with the superpowers being stand-ins for real life divergences we may have. Tonally, it has the perfect balance of whimsical and dark what-the-heck-ery that I adore in stories. I’m hoping LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT will appeal to new and old fans alike, and have all the charm and heartbreak as the rest of the series.”

“As a franchise, LIFE IS STRANGE is always asking ‘what if?’ and encouraging players to explore the road less travelled,” said Titan Comics editor Phoebe Hedges, “LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT places familiar characters in unfamiliar places, and under Zoe’s pen will take readers on an unforgettable emotional journey. Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo have gone from strength to strength in developing the wider LIFE IS STRANGE world and bringing Alex Chen to the page. As a book, LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT is going to push Alex and her abilities, and explore the power of our memories and the hold they can have over us – for better or worse.”

LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT #1 will arrive in stores on December 13th, 2023, and available to order in the upcoming October edition of Diamond Previews (orders will open on September 22, 2023).

Fans will be able to pick up a copy from their local comic shop, which they can find by visiting www.comicshoplocator.com or ordering via Forbidden Planet in the UK & Europe.

As with previous LIFE IS STRANGE comics, issues will also be available to purchase digitally day-and-date through Amazon comiXology, Google Play Books, and Omnibus.

For further news on the series, follow Titan Comics and Life is Strange on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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