Return to Lonely Street and celebrate 25 years of The Goon comics!

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (November 16, 2023)—Next year marks the 25th anniversary of The Goon, and to celebrate, Eric Powell and Dark Horse Comics present an all-new comic miniseries, The Goon: Them That Don’t Stay Dead. Powell (Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done?) will write and illustrate the new series. Craig Davison, an illustrator known for his work depicting children pretending to be their favorite characters from comics, film, and TV, will illustrate a special variant cover for The Goon: Them That Don’t Stay Dead #1.


The return to Lonely Street hasn’t been easy for the Goon and Franky. And just as they’ve finally got the various gangs of bloodsuckers and night stalkers back in line, and they can finally relax with a nice night out bowling, a new threat appears. One that will shake the very foundations of Nameless Town. Also, Spider gets hooked on the junk. Drama!


“It only speaks to the depravity and moral bankruptcy of the average comic reader that I have been able to continue this reprehensible book (off and on) for 25 years. And I love them for it,” said Powell. “My enthusiasm for these characters hasn’t waned and I’m glad it seems the same goes for the loyal readers. And it’s also only fitting that this anniversary series coincides with its return to longtime publisher Dark Horse Comics. COMICS! HIGH FIVE! … (You’re not posting up. Don’t leave me hangin’.)”


“Eric Powell and The Goon are old friends of Dark Horse, and I’m extremely happy to have them back with us,” said Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson. “The Goon is a special, one-of-a-kind character, and it’s fitting to see him return in a new miniseries in his 25th year. The horror and humor of Lonely Street are timeless, and I’m looking forward to joining The Goon and Franky on some new adventures.”


The Goon: Them That Don’t Stay Dead #1 (of 4) pounds it’s way into comic shops on March 20, 2024. It is now available to pre-order at your local comic shop for $4.99.


Stay tuned for more news on The Goon anniversary celebrations!


Praise for The Goon:


“There aren’t many characters like the Goon in comics and there aren’t many creators as unique and enjoyable as Eric Powell.”―IGN


The Goon is one of my favorite comics, and Powell is on the top of my list of best artist/writers out working today.”―Steve Niles


“[The Goon] is sweet when it needs to be, warm and touching when it wants to be, and brutal and gruesome when it has to be.”―Bloody Disgusting


“Mixing the genre expectations of noir with an endearingly amoral lead, The Goon is pure entertainment.”—Publisher’s Weekly


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