Eisner and Ignatz award nominee launches children line for Second Sight Publishing

Rod Espinosa, artist and writer on award nominated titles such as The Courageous Princess for Antarctic Press, which earned him a nomination for the Eisner and Ignatz award in 2000 and 2002 respectfully. Have signed his two children titles, Steampunk Snow Queen, and Steampunk Snow White to launch the children’s line called Playground for Second Sight Publishing.

Steampunk Snow Queen, is Rod Espinosa’s take on the very popular Disney movie Frozen. This Tale will be based in a Steampunk world, but all the mythos and plots will be very reminiscent of the hit movie. The second title is Steampunk Snow White, much like Snow Queen, this title too derives from the famous tale Snow White.

“I believe that bringing in Rod Espinosa and his titles will be a big hit for our Playground line. I’m very excited for children to read these titles, I’m hoping they receive the same love and joy as the Disney counterparts.” says CEO Bradley Golden.

You can order these titles out of the Playground line from Previews in August 2021.

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