Star Trek Shipyards” Boldly Goes Where No Series of Visual Reference Guides Has Gone Before

(September 26, 2018 – New York, NY)  In a move sure to be hailed by Star Trek fans of every generation, Eaglemoss Hero Collector, designers, manufacturers and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the many worlds of pop culture, today announced the publication of the first volume in the new Star Trek Shipyards series, the definitive visual encyclopedia to each and every ship that’s ever appeared in any corner of the storied Star Trek universe, either on television or in theaters.

Officially Authorized by CBS Studios and written by Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley and Matt McAllister, Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2151-2293 is a comprehensive 184 page hardcover chronological history and visual guide featuring in-depth profiles of Starfleet ships from the birth of the Federation to the launch of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-B and the presumed death of Captain James T. Kirk.  It also includes a chapter on Earth’s pre-Federation vessels, including Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix, which made mankind’s first faster-than-light journey.

Lavishly illustrated with CG artwork using original VFX models created for the Star Trek TV shows and films, this volume also provides fans with what will be for most of them the first opportunity to see all the starships from Star Trek: Discovery in close detail, even the ones that were barely visible in the climactic battle sequence from the series’ second episode, “Battle at the Binary Stars.”

Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2151-2293 is also available in a deluxe window-boxed edition that includes a die-cast collector’s model of the U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701 from the classic 1966 original Star Trek television series along with a display base.

Like all Eaglemoss Hero Collector books, Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2151-2293 (ISBN: 978-1-85875-522-9) may be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, independent booksellers, and select specialty stores including comic shops and gaming stores. It is priced at $29.95 in the US and $39.95 in Canada. The boxed gift set (978-1-85875-521-2) is priced at $49.95 in the US and $65.95 in Canada.

The second volume in the series, Star Trek Shipyards: Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future, is scheduled for publication on November 13, 2018.  Both volumes are part of Eaglemoss Hero Collector’s “Premier Editions,” exquisitely designed, painstakingly researched visual guides and books that delve deep behind the scenes of some of most beloved icons of comic and sci-fi fandom.

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