Dynamite’s Books to Cure Boredom Launches on Indiegogo!

April 20, Mt. Laurel, NJ: With new releases still paused, Dynamite is connecting directly to fans with a fun-filled Indiegogo campaign offering both great deals for fans to discover a small sampling of our art books AND a special starter set of surprise graphic novels. This offer is available right now!

Dynamite Comics, and the rest of the industry’s comic publishers have had their new comics halted with distribution on hiatus as of a few weeks ago. Some comic shops are still open and selling some items, but many are not, and that means it’s harder for any fan to get their weekly dose of entertainment. The passion of comics fans has always been a driving force, but direct, online support from fans is now essential to the current state of the business. If the comic industry is going to survive this pandemic and come out stronger on the other side, the fans will be the ones keeping their favorite publishers, creators and retailers in business. And it’s the job of publishers to provide entertainment to the fans.

Whether fans are looking for a deep dive on an iconic creator, a treasured pop culture phenomenon, a way to flesh out their collection or have never read a Dynamite title before, there’s something for everyone in this boredom-busting extravaganza.

The graphic novel mystery box is just $20 and includes three books, two paperbacks and one hardcover, for a third or less of the usual price. An easy and inexpensive way to grow a quarantine reading collection, the surprise factor just makes it all the more fun. Fans are encouraged to share their hauls online through unboxing videos or photos, and tag Dynamite. There could be books randomly inserted inside featuring Vampirella, Red Sonja, James Bond, The Boys, any number of Martians good or bad, and more!

Among the art book selection, many are focused on the most legendary creators in the medium. A legacy like no other is shared between father and son John Romita Sr. and Jr, both contributing definitive artwork to Spider-Man and countless other icons. While Alex Ross’s breathtaking painting work has catapulted his work into the mainstream and is instantly recognizable to all comics fans. Sean Phillips recently celebrated 40 years drawing comics professionally and today does his most critically acclaimed work.

Other books focus on timeless pop culture icons worth diving deep on. The Art of Atari delves into the video game publisher and developer’s early heyday with all their most influential games and hardware, as well as their lasting legacy. Gumby Imagined covers all aspects of Art Clokey’s fan-favorite claymation creation and its offshoots. While those looking for something a bit bloodier, a bit slimier should look no further than The Art of Troma, for an unprecedented behind the scenes look at film’s most provocative auteurs.

“This is an unprecedented era in the world as well as in the comics industry and community,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “Everyone from publishers to fans and others are having to be creative in keeping those treasured connections between us and the comics flowing. This Indiegogo option allows us to support fans with great deals and vice versa, keeping everyone excited to read more and ready to return to their Local Comic Shop once this pandemic is over. Comics will come out on the other side of this stronger than before.”

Orders from this campaign will be fulfilled right away and readily available stock is limited, so items may sell out quickly. So jump right in and check out the deals! Fans looking to pair an art book with a mystery box should contact Dynamite on Indiegogo to arrange their custom order.

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