Dynamite Celebrates Spooktober With Metal Covers & Artgerm Vampi Statues!

Dynamite Celebrates Spooktober With Exciting Indiegogo Offerings ????
Limited Edition Metal Covers & A Bloody Artgerm Vampirella Bust!

October 2, Mt. Laurel, NJ: This October, Dynamite is bringing a bounty of Halloween haunts to Indiegogo, including limited edition metal covers of Hallow’s Eve classics and a stunning statue based on one of the definitive modern images of Vampirella! The campaign is live now!

Spooky season and bringing that fun to comics is deep in the DNA of Dynamite, going back to its first-ever comic book, an Army of Darkness issue featuring a glow-in-the-dark variant, to the horror host origins of flagship character Vampirella. Dynamite is celebrating the season and that legacy with a trio of sparkly metal variant covers for Vampirella, Red Sonja, and Bettie Page. Great deals are also being offered on the Steve Kiwus sculpted statue bust based on Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s legendary cover for Vampirella #2. Fans shouldn’t miss out on these centerpieces of the campaign, and can build their own custom reward packages through Indiegogo. Including special packages of 10 comics for just $5 or select graphic novels for $10. This project is being fulfilled right as orders come in, so fans should order early to get their goodies by Halloween!

Each of these exciting Halloween Specials features a pair of stories sure to entertain fans of the characters new and old. Now rare editions will be released with laser-etched metal overlay covers to showcase the magnificent pieces by artist Reilly Brown. A combo package of the complete trio includes a special discount.

In Vampi’s main story, Scott Lobdell and Rapha Lobosco chronicle a fun-filled monster brawl and loving tribute to the Warren days, with characters named for Forrest J. Ackerman and Trina Robbins, and cameos from the Drakulonian’s fellow horror mag hosts. In a fan-favorite backup story, Lobdell is joined by Blake Northcott and Anthony Marques for Vampirella to save some trick or treaters with a meta twist.

For Red Sonja, Erik Burnham and Tom Garcia craft another pulse-pounding encounter with her nemesis Kulan Gath, seamlessly fitting into the World’s Away run or working on its own. Anthony Marques returns for the second story, joined for a family affair by his son and daughter assisting on story and art, all based on a plot from industry legend Tom DeFalco.

For David Avallone’s genius run on Bettie Page, everything took a turn in the Dark Angel’s Halloween adventure, when she came face to face with a Lovecraftian Elder God and Julius Ohta joined as the new series artist. X-Factor scribe Leah Williams and artist Fernando Ruiz close it out with a flirty tale and raucous Halloween costume for Bettie.

For the 50th anniversary relaunch of the character in 2019, Dynamite called upon all the top artists to contribute a historic onslaught of depictions of the vampiri anti-heroine. Fans went wild over the show-stopping cover by Artgerm for that summer’s second issue. The Hong Kong-born artist’s style perfectly fits the horrific elements and sensuality of the Drakulonian, and he cemented a now influential alternate blood-based depiction of the iconic costume. Just like the fans, Dynamite was blown away by this masterpiece, and has now brought it into the third dimension to eternalize for fans’ collections. Two alternate versions of the bust are available through this Indiegogo campaign.

In addition to the busts and metal covers, Dynamite is also offering a full selection of seasonal tricks and treats for fans to add to their haul. Including special bundles of comic books, graphic novels, board games, and more. The classic life-size Vampirella door poster featuring the art of Jose Gonzalez is also included.

Celebrate the Season With Dynamite Now!

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