Don’t slow down, don’t stop, keep going 78 MPH

HOUSTON, TX — Following in the steps of BoneThieves & Kings and the best of all ages comic adventure, Red 5 Comics is proud to present Beorn the Littlest Viking.  A pint sized Conan facing full sized adventures and monsters, nothing will keep Beorn or his creator down.

“Red 5 has been the home of great all-ages comics since the days of Atomic Robo and Bodie Troll,” Red 5 co-publisher Joshua Starnes said.  “I love those kinds of books, Bone is one of my all time favorites, and I’ve been on the look out for more of those ever since I came to Red 5.  Beorn ticked all of those boxes as soon as I saw it.”

Creator Ben Bender’s viking saga sees the titular Beorn fighting for recognition and respect within his own village.  The chance comes sooner than he expects when a strange curse affects all of the warriors of his home, leaving the village chief to turn to his smallest viking to find the cause of the curse and end it.

A little bit of Bugs Bunny, a little bit of Beowulf, Beorn really is something for everyone.  Get your first look at the newest Red 5 Comics‘ series in this years Free Comic Book Day issue, and then come back for Beorn #1 this May!

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