DJINNTARA: Rise of the Djinn

A thrilling tale about a terminally ill police detective who discovers that she is the prophesied member of an ancient race of DJINN.

Set in Washington, D.C., DJINNTARA: RISE OF THE DJINN is a cool, stylized action-adventure in the vein of Seven and Fallen where a star detective discovers that she was born into a secret order of ancient spirits called DJINN, and is now a part of a war between their factions in which she is to be the leader against mankind.  Growing up in Northwest D.C., TAMARA BRAZILE has always wanted to be a cop. Her father was a cop, and her grandfather was a cop back in Chicago.  So, it was no surprise that after college she entered the academy and rose fast through the ranks of the DCPD and became a 1st grade detective in record time. She always took the dangerous assignments and the most difficult cases which put her on the fast track to success within the department.

Her husband, Andre, was also DCPD, and was the love of her life.  And despite the considerable pressures of the job, they always made sure that they had time for each other regardless of what the circumstances were.


So, one can imagine how she felt when on the trail of a dangerous serial killer that’s terrorizing the D.C. Metropolitan area by murdering young women and girls, her husband was murdered in front of her eyes while saving her life.  But that wasn’t all that she saw.  It was something…UNEARTHLY.  Something that she couldn’t explain!

And to add more fuel to the fire, after her husband’s funeral, she is given a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis in which she has a limited time to live.

To say that she is an emotional wreck is an understatement, she almost took matters into her own hand, but she knew that she must preservere if she was to protect the citizens of the city as it is her sworn duty to perform.

She returns to work against the advice of her Captain, who thinks it’s too soon for her after such a series of devastating ordeals.  But she is committed to finding her husbands killer,  and the murder of those young women.   Sadly, her Captain was right as the visions resurface.  But are they visions…or something more?

After this major accident, Tamara discovers that she is a member of a secret order of GENIES, and that she is the prophesied DJINNTARA-MARID who has all of the supernatural abilities associated with it.  But now that she’s possesses these preternatural abilities, she’s not sure how they fit into her life.  Finding the serial killer is one thing, but what about her husband?  Does she have the ability to bring him back from the dead?  Should she even try?  Is she now immortal?  Should she use her newfound powers for good, or will they corrupt ultimately her soul and usher in a new age of misery for mankind as the war amongst the Djinn spills over into the world of men?

What really makes Djinn intriguing, as well as relatable, is her sense of commitment to not only justice, or even finding her husband’s killer, but rather finding more about herself and her place in the world and how to keep herself grounded and on the straight and narrow path regardless of her circumstances.  The struggle is real, and her very soul may be at stake.

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