DISROBED! Nudist Play back at Hollywood Fringe!

The Hollywood Fringe gets DISROBED!

One of my great joys in life was working with the original team behind the body-positive nudist performances as a part of The Hollywood Fringe each year. Watching the teams come together is awesome and this year is no different in its great take on the classic tale with an all – (wait for it…) – all newwwwwwwwwwd cast. << See what I did there?

I saw an early cut and its really a blast.

Hey team here’s your quote:

“Disrobed! charms and amuses the viewers with a fun story and characters that are not soon to be forgotten. The original tune and wholesome nonsexual nudity is a great spark to a conversation I hope people will have all over the world! The revolution starts with Disrobed!”

– FirstComicsNews



The 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival comedy breakout hit, “Disrobed: Why So Clothes Minded?” returns online in a new Zoom version with an all new national cast, and under the direction of Troy Peterson, more outrageous and more naked than ever. Screening for three times only in January, 2021, “Disrobed – The Virtual Event” is the perfect way to kiss 2020 farewell and ring in a Happy Nude Year.

It’s Meet the Parents with a twist! Skye is eager to introduce her buttoned-up fiancé Eric to her free-wheeling family at their monthly Zoom happy hour. But she’s neglected to tell him that she and her kin are all nudists, and that she’s already assured them that he’s “one of us.” Will their relationship survive? When the clothes come off, will the humor, heart, and humanity of this lockdown parable on love and family remain?

Winner – Producers Encore Award
Rated “Sweet” by Better Lemons peer reviews
Nominated 2019’s Best Immersive Show

Advance Praise For The Virtual Production

“The comfort and chemistry that the cast have built comes through beautifully, even though they are in separate parts of the country, communicating only on-screen. Successfully transplanting a stage play to Zoom seems like a daunting task, but [the director] delivers the play extremely effectively in the new medium.” – Matthew McDermott, writenude.com

“Disrobed was quite funny, touching, and tastefully done. The nudity was super boring in the best way possible. It was very respectful to the actors and audience. It’s a simple story about a family with quirks and that’s fun to watch.” – Ricky and Dana Young-Howze, RickyYoung-Howze.tumblr.com

“The production’s directing effectively navigated pacing, and the editing help maintain a visual rhythm that gave the production a cinematic quality at times and allowed for some story-telling and visual gags that wouldn’t be possible on stage…there’s a lot of charm to be found in DISROBED, even outside of a traditional theatrical space, and I commend the artists for their hutzpah in pulling it off.” – Kevan Dunkelberg, Broadway World (Oklahoma City)

Praise for the Stage Production

“A powerful and empowering experience that quickly becomes sort of normal.” – Bonnie Sludikoff, Broadway World

“A fantastic and uplifting love letter about the Naturist community.” – Jackie Kotowicz, Haunting.net

“I left the theatre felling extremely brave and that I could conquer the world.” – Cydney Davis, NAACP Award Winner

Three shows only:
Friday, January 15, 2021, 7:00 PM PST 

(Pacific Standard Time)
Saturday, January 16, 2021, 7:00 PM PST
Sunday matinee, January 17, 2021, 12:00 PM noon PST

Only ONE admission ticket is required for each individual household or streaming device. Online purchases will be confirmed immediately, with the link for viewing emailed one hour before show time to ensure the show’s integrity. The performance will stream live, and disappears immediately thereafter. Ticket purchasers agree to refrain from recording, sharing, or screen-capturing the performance in any way.

Troy Peterson as Eric
Eloise Gordon as Skye
Ian Hayes as Axel
Shaley Gunther as Kat
Dave McClain as George
Karen Lasater as Sierra

“Disrobed: The Virtual Event”
Written by Steven Vlasak & Troy Peterson
Adapted from the play by Steven Vlasak
Based on the naturist classic “Barely Proper” by Tom Cushing.
Produced and Directed by Troy Peterson
Assistant Directed by Bella Hicks
Presented by Troy Matthew Peterson Productions and the Southern California Naturist Association.
Recommended for Ages 17+. Includes nudity. Viewer Discretion is advised.
Original Hollywood Fringe Festival production conceived, produced and directed by Brian Knudson.
Disrobed logo design by DancingTornado.com.

BUY TICKETS HERE: www.Disrobed2021.com 

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