Designated: Issue 1 – A Comic Book by Mark Torres

Set in the 90’s, in a desperate last ditch attempt to hide a newly discovered power source that could change the tide of their centuries old war, King Tesson, leader of the Peace-lovingForlunds, sends his finest warriors across the galaxy to protect and hide the star fragments so that no one, not even the leader of the War-Like Jeronians, King Brigan, could ever use them.


This leads us to our heroes, 4 young adults (and one five year old boy) who gain powers as a result of being in surgically implanted with the fragments.


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Cover Art by Russ Braun with Jaden Lanning colors
The variant cover is by Babe Artist Franchesco! with inks by Peter Palmiotti.

Interior art by Jade Smith pencils, Peter Palmiotti inks with Jorge Medina lettering

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