Scarlett Couture is back and Des Taylor has stopped by First Comics News to let our readers how where shes been, and what to expect from her new motion comic The Munich file.

First Comics News: What is Chase Couture?

Des Taylor: Chase Couture is one of the world’s leading fashion houses owned by CEO Chase Carver. Just think of a company like Louis Vuitton, whose brand ranges from fashion, shoes, watches, accessories, make-up, sunglasses, bags, etc.

The company is secretly a front for covert intelligence operations around the world, using models, photographers and others in the fashion industry to gather intel on specific targets.
Chase Carver who was a former CIA spook, runs the whole show.

1st: Who is Scarlett Couture?

Des: Scarlett Carver is Chase’s only daughter and the heir to the Chase Couture Fashion empire. Kidnapped by a terror group at the age of 14 (during a school trip to Munich) Scarlett learns that her mother was once a legendary Cold War Spy.

Inspired by this and her determination to deal with her trauma, Scarlett signs up to the CIG and tries to make a difference taking down the world’s biggest criminals

1st: What is the CIA’s Covert Investigations Group?

Des: The main purpose of the CIG is to obtain intelligence on the world’s most corrupt, untouchable, individuals and institutions for other agencies to act upon. Governments, Cartels, and in my story – a world bank. Scarlett’s problem is she can’t just sit back and do nothing once the bad guy is in her sights. She won’t wait for the CIA, INTERPOL or other agencies to wade through red-tape to get the job done, which in effect ends up making her job even harder. No matter what she does she can’t win. No matter what big bad guy she brings down, another will take their place.

1st: It’s been 4 years since the Titan series, what has Scarlett been up to?

Des: Well, Scarlett and her team have been following up leads to find out who was behind the terrorist attack and theft of the Ladon Computer Program from the previous series.

In truth, my second child was born, I ended up co-hosting a weekly show on SKY (DC FANCAST) and worked towards my first solo exhibition in the United States at SKYE Art Gallery in Las Vegas. To say I’ve been a busy bee is an understatement.

1st: For anyone who has never purchased a motion comic, what is it and how does it compare to animation?

Des: A Motion Comic is an interesting way of bringing the traditional comic book to life. Madefire’s format allows the creator to add, movement, sound effects, and music to time their panels to appear using tap-points. Not only is it a great way to tell your story but I’ve found it a useful tool to show potential TV and movie studios your IP.

1st: What made Madefire the right partner for this project?

Des: I was introduced to the guys at Madefire back in 2014 when they helped me put together my Katie Rogers project and I’ve seen this company grow. The stuff they’ve been doing with alternate reality on Magic Leap is the future of storytelling and I’d like to be a part of that. I also have them in mind for a project I’m working on with Disney’s Robb Pratt called Eva Strongbird and The Marine.

1st: Is the motion comic a new story or a motion version of the previous series?

Des: Scarlett Couture the Munich file is a brand NEW follow up to the previous series that ups the stakes, introduces some new characters and sets up a new DESPOP universe I’ve been planning.

1st: What is the process of creating a motion comic?

Des: The easy answer is to create your comic book from scratch but to leave each panel in Photoshop layers. Each element is turned into a PNG or JPG and then imported into the Madefire motion tool. For a more in-depth look at how to create your own motion book follow this link for all the tutorials Motion Book Tool Jump In Guide

1st: What do sound effects add to the comics?

Des: DRAMA!! Sure– you can turn down the volume but with the effects it allows the reader to immerse themselves in the book. In my book, I’ve even added voice-over to some parts.
My kids especially love that feature in the children’s motion books.

1st: Are there differences in the phone, tablet and PC experience?

Des: Just the size! If you’re on the train coming home from work and want to pass the time, the phone will be your device of choice. For me, the tablet view will always be the first choice for viewing books.

1st: What is the plot of The Munich File?

Des: 3 Years from the events of ‘Project Stardust’ Scarlett, Carver and the CIG hunt for clues that will lead them to the culprits behind the Las Vegas attack and the theft of the Ladon Program (created to circumvent any computer system’s security) -stolen by agents of defense contractor ARMAWOOD, and allied with global banking giant -KLASSBANK. Little does Scarlett know, her half-brother CEO Simon Klass (the mastermind behind the events) has been using the Ladon Program to influence governments, serve organized crime and siphon assets from Chase Couture’s business empire, before executing his final plan.

1st: Is this a one-shot or a multi-part story?

Des: This is a 4-Part Story which I’m putting out like a digital Prestige Format. The first two episodes will be released simultaneously at San Diego Comic-Con with parts 3 and 4 coming in November along with an ART OF SCARLETT COUTURE sketchbook which will be in print and available from my site

1st: Why not return to Titan Comics?

Des: I’ll be back with the boys from Titan soon. Not done with them yet. I have a few projects in the computer I’d like to get to print at some point.

1st: Will there be a print version of Scarlett Couture: The Munich File at some point in the future?

Des: Working on that. Earlier on this year, I had a chat with Nick Landau at Titan and we’re both looking at the best way forward for my IP.

1st: How did Jordan Gwynn Colton get involved with Scarlett Couture?

Des: Good question! Jordy has been a great friend over the years and has been very supportive of the project from the beginning. We originally were MYSPACE friends and one evening during a Comic-con art party ( held for me by another amazing person PR girl Amanda Wang ) we actually met in person. When Viktoria Dobos (the original cover girl for Scarlett) left London to head back to Hungary I started to think about having a new cover girl for Scarlett and asked her if she was interested. She jumped at the chance and I got to work hiring LA-based photographer Chris Gomez to shoot her on locations in LA and Las Vegas.

1st: What makes Scarlett Couture so cool, no true comic fan should miss The Munich File?

Des: For years people have been asking for a female James Bond…well here she is. She’s also totally minted! I don’t see many female billionaires in comics so I thought it’d be a nice change. When guys get dressed up in a tuxedo they think they’re James Bond. When girls get dressed up…I want them to think they’re Scarlett Couture. OffenbergerInterviewsTalking About...Des Taylor,,Madefire,MUNICH FILE,SCARLETT COUTURE,Titan Comics
Scarlett Couture is back and Des Taylor has stopped by First Comics News to let our readers how where shes been, and what to expect from her new motion comic The Munich file. First Comics News: What is Chase Couture? Des Taylor: Chase Couture is one of the world's leading fashion...