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Plunge into the DEPTHS of adventure and one person’s indomitable will to overcome grief, depression, and loneliness to survive! A tale that demands to be told and a passion project for Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon!

DEPTHS is a deeply personal project for Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon, the team behind indie comic classics Frankenstein the Unconquered and MechaTon. Ostensibly an adventure tale, DEPTHS is an ingenious allegory for coping with the serious issues of grief and depression. DEPTHS plunges into Kickstarter May 1st.

Experience this seminal 112-page graphic novel, that delves deeply into the darkest DEPTHS of the human experience. DEPTHS chronicles the journey of Emil Parker, a brilliant 1930s engineer, whose innovative perpetual diving suit sustains a diver indefinitely underwater. What begins as a showcase of modern technology quickly is fraught with danger as something terrible drags Emil to the ocean’s abyss. Over the next three grueling years, Emil must overcome despair, loneliness, and the terrifying sea monsters of myth. Fathom the leagues of adventure explored in DEPTHS!

DEPTHS is the graphic novel that inspired Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon to write comics. Buoyed by the stunning art of J. Shiek, this deeply emotional tale is destined to penetrate to the core of its readers. Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon have developed a reputation for thrilling audiences with their prior offerings, such as their mammoth indie hit, Frankenstein: the Unconquered. DEPTHS is destined to smash stretch goals when it surges into Kickstarter May 1st.

“I’ve been waiting to tell this story for years,” explains co-writer Wells Thompson, “As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have a hard time describing what that feels like and how it affects my life. This book is my attempt to show how difficult it can be to live with, but also how important it is to keep trying and not give up. It was a terribly difficult book to write, but also one of the most satisfying stories I’ve ever tackled.”


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“I always tell people that I’m a selfish creator, that I only ever really write for myself. Nowhere is that more true than in Depths,” confesses co-writer Dalton K. Shannon, “This is a deeply personal project that was born of the deepest depression and my eventually rise to overcome it. It is art as therapy in the truest sense and we’ve been attempting to find the best way to tell this story for years. Now, with this incredible team at the helm, we can finally bring it to life, not just for ourselves but for everyone. I hope you’ll find something to take away, even if it’s just the adorable octopus and sweeping underwater vistas. Enjoy the swim.”

“Depths, as the story’s title doubly implies, is as much about the fathomless crevasses marring the hidden surfaces of the human psyche as it is the literal crevasses awaiting those with courage enough to explore them,” states artist J. Schiek, “To be able to adventure into both, from the comfort of my own home and drawing board, is all I could ever want or ask of a comics making experience. And to be part of such a driven and dedicated team, this was a no brainer and one I’m very excited to render further. I mean, come on: A period piece with moody, realistic characterizations and scenes with deep sea divers and sea monsters? As a reader, this kind of thing turns my dials way up, and as a creator, I’m cranked solidly to 11.”

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