Dejah Thoris: Winter’s End one-shot preview

Dejah Thoris: Winter’s End one-shot

writer: Dan Abnett, Will Robson, Jeff Parker, Nate Cosby, Jacob Edgar, Jeff Parker

artist: Alessandro Miracolo, Will Robson, Jonathan Lau, Jacob Edgar, Jordi Perez

covers: Joseph Michael Linsner (A), Sebastian Piriz (B), Roberto Castro (C), Tatiana Neva Cosplay (D), Sergio Davila (RI/Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI/BW), Tatiana Neva Cosplay (RI/Virgin), Sebastian Piriz (RI/Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI/BW Virgin)

FC | 40 pages | Action/Adventure | $4.99 | Teen+

Dejah Thoris has saved her world from the catastrophic End Winter. Now she must help rebuild Barsoom to its former greatness! But certain factions see benefit in keeping Barsoom cold and dark. Dejah will need help, and she may find it in the return of her true love…JOHN CARTER!

By DAN ABNETT (Justice League Odyssey) and ROBERTO CASTRO (Red Sonja).

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