Defending your PhD Thesis in the United Kingdom

Once you’ve reached the stage when it’s time for defending PhD dissertation, you know that you’ve come a long way and all your hard work is about to pay off. Your doctoral thesis is a result of long months of studying and working hard, so there’s no room for errors or mistakes.

After you’ve submitted your thesis in the UK, you’ll be invited to discuss it at a viva voce or with a living voice. This is an interesting procedure where you’ll talk about your work in front of two examiners who are ready to evaluate your research and discuss all the findings. To reach this stage, you should rely on high-quality dissertation writing services where qualified experts offer real dissertation help so you can submit this assignment on time. By receiving help in dissertation writing, you guarantee that this task will be finished in excellent quality. Luckily, there are lots of trustworthy writing services that offer professional assistance for hardworking students. The public discussion of your thesis is a daunting task, but it appeals to most students as they get the chance to demonstrate their work and discuss all research with real experts.

Procedures for Discussing UK PhD Thesis

Since you’ll go through an oral examination with experts in your academic discipline, you should be well-prepared. Most of the time, there will be two examiners who are ready to study and discuss this assignment; one of them might be from your university. The discussion takes any time from two to four hours.

The PhD defense is quite stressful, but you have an option to do it without a public audience. This gives you a chance to focus on this extremely important discussion without getting distracted by anyone. Moreover, it means that the examiners’ full attention will be devoted to your task and nothing else.

There are four outcomes for this thesis discussion:

  •       Pass: This means that this thesis is flawless. Most people believe that this outcome is impossible, but it’s not true. With the help of reliable dissertation writing services, you can finish this thesis in best quality. Experts will help compose and revise your custom dissertation, making sure that it contains no errors or mistakes.
  •       Pass with minor corrections: This is probably the most common outcome of defending a PhD in the UK. In this case, you’ll get three months to make corrections to submit your thesis one more time.
  •       Major corrections: Here, you’ll have 18 months to correct and revise your thesis one more time. In most cases, you can avoid this outcome if you hire an expert to revise your task before submission. There are lots of online academic services that help you make these adjustments, so you don’t have to repeat all your work.
  •       Fail: If this happens, then you know that you should have put more effort into this task. Although it’s rare, it’s possible if you didn’t do the right research or revised your thesis thoroughly before the date of discussion.

Preparing for a PhD defense

After submitting your thesis, you’ll have several weeks to prepare for oral discussion. Here are a few things that you can do if you need to discuss an Oxford thesis.

  •       Read the thesis thoroughly one more time. This will help you remember the crucial parts that you want to draw the examiners’ attention to.
  •       Take notes about what makes this dissertation original and authentic.
  •       Highlight the strongest part of your work. This is essential so you can show how significant your work is.
  •       Think of all the questions that your professors might ask while discussing this assignment.
  •       Write down any additional notes or corrections that you might have added while revising your work.
  •       Be ready to discuss the weaknesses and strengths of your work.

During the discussion, you should be ready for the examiners criticizing your work and mentioning the weakest points in the thesis. This means that you should be confident enough to show how your research is original and valuable in front of distinguished professors in your academic discipline. However, don’t feel alarmed because this doesn’t mean that you’ll fail.

If you feel that your professors aren’t very happy with your work, don’t take it personally. This is an academic discussion that doesn’t mean that your work isn’t appreciated. Try to be as relaxed as possible as this will restore balance to the discussion room.

It’s crucial that you ask questions if you’re not sure about what the professors mean. Take time to give a thoughtful answer and express your opinion. Examiners appreciate serious students who take their dissertation seriously.

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