Deathstroke’s “Shadow War” Against the DC Universe Continues in April!

DC’s Deadliest Assassin Continues His Shadow War Against the DC Universe This April!

Batman #122 (“Shadow War Part 2”) On Sale April 5

Deathstroke Inc. #8 (“Shadow War Part 3”) On Sale April 26

Robin #13 (“Shadow War Part 4”) On Sale April 26

1:25 Ratio Variant Covers Form Connected Image of Batman, Deathstroke and Robin

Fan-favorite writer Joshua Williamson ramps up the action, intrigue and surprises this April as “Shadow War” continues in the pages of Deathstroke Inc., Batman, and Robin!

Part Two of “Shadow War” continues April 5, 2022, in Batman #122, with Howard Porter providing the art and main cover.

Ra’s al Ghul is dead, and Talia is out for revenge! Batman is on the case, in a race against time to find Deathstroke before Talia’s elite assassins do! But as the World’s Greatest Detective starts piecing together clues, he realizes that not all is what it seems when it comes to the death of “The Demon’s Head,” and the questions lead back to Talia herself! What added strain will this place on the relationship of these two former lovers? In the backup story, artist Trevor Hairsine joins Williamson revealing for the first time the secret first fight between Batman and Deathstroke!

Batman #122 also features a main variant cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto, a linking 1:25 ratio variant cover by Roger Cruz and Victor Olazaba, and a 1:50 ratio variant cover by JOCK.

Artist Paolo Pantalena joins Williamson as artist for Part 3 of this exciting event on April 26 in issue eight of Deathstroke Inc! Following the death of Ra’s al Ghul, Deathstroke Inc. has been destroyed, his villain associates have been killed by the Demon’s Shadow, and Slade and Respawn are on the run! If they can survive this deadly gauntlet of skilled and bloodthirsty assassins, maybe Deathstroke will be able to explain to Batman why he killed Ra’s!

Deathstroke Inc.#8 features a main cover by Jonboy Meyers, a variant cover by Chris Burnham, plus the second of three linking 1:25 ratio variant covers by Roger Cruz and Victor Olazaba.

Williamson, and artists Roger Cruz and Norm Rapmund, close out the April action in Part Four of Shadow War, also on sale April 26. Robin and Ravager finally catch up with Deathstroke and Respawn, but will they convince Slade to turn himself in, or does this become a fight to the death? And what startling revelation does Robin learns that is sure to rock Shadow War to its very foundation? Plus, Batman goes deeper into the conspiracy behind Ra’s al Ghul’s death and discovers that it’s bigger than he thought. He’s calling in backup, just not the backup that readers will expect!

Roger Cruz provides the main cover, with Crystal Kung providing the variant cover for this issue, with Cruz and Victor Olazaba also providing art for the 1:25 ratio variant that completes the three linked images.

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