Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld reunite for their anthology series Keyhole

Indy comics legends Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld have reunited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their acclaimed anthology series Keyhole.

An eclectic two-man anthology by Josh Neufeld and Dean HaspielKeyhole mixed autobiographical stories of international travel with stark tales of introspection and social commentary.

Josh Neufeld details the how he and Dean Haspiel got back together, and reveals the contents of this new issue…

“Can you believe that it’s been 25 YEARS since Keyhole debuted? (Wait — do you even know what Keyhole is??) Yes, it’s true, Keyhole, the two-man anthology I produced with Dean Haspiel, first arrived in stores in 1996 (lasting 6 issues until 1998). And here it is, *gulp* 25 years later…

“To commemorate the anniversary, Dean and I have put together an all-new seventh issue of Keyhole — dubbed KEYHOLE 25 — with our signature mix of nonfiction stories, whimsical genre fiction, and social commentary. The comic is produced in a fun “flip book” format, with two front covers — one by Dino (right) and one by yours truly (below). And the center-spread features a history of Keyhole written by pop culture maven Whitney Matheson. (Thanks, Whitney!)

KEYHOLE 25 is available exclusively from myself or Dino, and to mark the occasion — just in time for the holidays — I’ve set up a “JoshComix Shop” on my website,

“Sure, you can go to Amazon or a bookstore to buy books of mine like A.D., or the new anniversary edition of The Influencing Machine, or even A Few Perfect Hours or Flashed, but unless you’ve been to an indy comics festival in the last few years, you haven’t been able to buy recent issues of my solo comics title The Vagabonds, or Terms of Service, or the exquisite corpse comic, Because of You (a.k.a. Lionel’s Lament). And now, for the first time, you can buy KEYHOLE 25!

“For my part, KEYHOLE 25 includes a six-page story about my brother Jake’s fraught experiences during the early days of the pandemic as an emergency manager at a New York cancer hospital. Another piece is a collaboration with my mother, Martha Rosler, called “Food Riot? Food Riot!” An adapted excerpt from my mom’s mid-1970s manuscript, The Art of Cooking, it features a mock dialogue between Julia Child and Craig Claiborne (with various interlopers.) I am confident in saying that this is a very different representation of Child and Claiborne than you’ve ever seen before! Other pieces in the issue include a look at open-casket funerals with posed corpses (!) and a one-page investigation into my own name. Dino’s stories include a thinly veiled autobiographical pandemic tale in the guise of his character the Red Hook, a Frankenstein monster mashup, and a selection of assorted short pieces.

“In addition to the newer works listed above, the JoshComix warehouse has all my books AND a few copies of such vintage comics as Keyhole (issues 4–6) and Titans of Finance — not to mention various foreign-language editions of many of my books. All are available at the new JoshComix shop.”

KEYHOLE 25 is available for purchase through Josh Neufeld’s website, along with copies of his other acclaimed works.

Here is a preview of Josh and Dino’s great work on this special issue…


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