DC Comics letter to retailers about the multi-distributor system

Our goal is to get new comics into shops that are able to sell as soon as possible. We expect regional inconsistencies as to whether stores will be allowed to open up or remain shut down, and want to ensure we can continue providing comics to stores that can operate during these times,” explains the DC letter. “We recognize that many stores are not open for business at this time, but we’ve also heard from many retailers who are open and/or providing mail order, curbside pickup, or delivery, and we need to provide them with product.

Diamond Comic Distributors has DC’s exclusive distributor to the Direct Market for the past 25 years, but with the distribution’s call to shutdown operations in light of the coronavirus pandemic the publisher worked out terms with two of Diamond’s biggest retailers – Discount Comic Book Service and Midtown Comics, which were still operational – to work as distributors themselves to comic shops, beginning this Tuesday.

You can choose between three distributors for periodicals: Diamond Comic Distributors, Lunar Distribution, and UCS Comic Distributors,” DC explains. “If you are ready and willing to receive product starting Tuesday, April 28, you can order from either UCS or Lunar. You have the freedom to work with either of these distributors or wait until Diamond Comic Distributors starts shipping again.

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