DARLING #1, on sale next Wednesday!

June 25, 2021, (TAOS, NM)Darling #1 is inspired by journals left behind by his brother, playwright Michael Fleizach (The Onion) and co-creator Todd Hunt (The Secret Adventures of Houdini) delve into the underbelly of the 1980s New York City’s drug epidemic with Darling, from Source Point Press. The art and colors by Dave Mack Mims (Scrimshaw) is emblazoned with influences of street graffiti and punk rock culture, the story pays homage to the style of Lewis Carroll and Frank L. Baum.

With all of New York City enveloped in the zeitgeist of a missing 8-year-old girl, lovable anti-hero Francis Darling accidentally stumbles onto the machinations behind her kidnapping and the drug war that ensues.

…but has he really?

A bit like chasing the Mad Hatter through a toxic chemical cloud, Francis’ inconceivable journey brings us uncomfortably close to NYC’s most crooked…most deviant…most irredeemable characters; the kind that can only be extricated from the drug-addled, guilty conscience of a failing brain.

Darling #1 variants by Jim Mahfood, Alessandro Micelli, Keyla Valerio, and Sean Von Gorman.

With a percentage of sales donated to programs dedicated to helping those who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, the creators of Darling, along with Source Point Press, hope to open the floor and give a voice to those coping with addiction within their families and communities.

Darling #1 is slated for release next Wednesday, June 30, 2021. For additional press queries, or to get an exclusive sneak peek at Darling #2, please contact Don’t Hide PR Publicity Director, Melissa Meszaros

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