Voice Actors Michaela Murphy, Jennie Kwan, and Jack De Sena Will be Joined by Comics Creators Faith Erin Hicks and Peter Wartman for a Reading of ‘Toph’s Metalbending Academy’ Followed by a Q&A

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (May 11, 2021)—Dark Horse Comics, in partnership with Nickelodeon, is pleased to share a new live reading event with Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series voice cast members Michaela Murphy (Toph), Jennie Kwan (Suki), and Jack De Sena (Sokka). In addition to the live reading, they will be joined by comics creators Faith Erin Hicks and Peter Wartman to discuss the latest Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novel, Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy. The event will be broadcast live on both Dark Horse and Nickelodeon’s Twitch and YouTube channels on May 19, 2021 at 1 pm Pacific time (UTC -7).

A free digital excerpt of Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy will be available on the Dark Horse Digital platform beginning the morning of May 19, so fans can follow along during the live reading. After the live reading, fans in the live chat on Twitch will be able to participate in a moderated Q&A with both the voice actors and the graphic novel creators!

During the stream, Dark Horse will give away a prize pack including one copy each of the graphic novels Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy and Katara and the Pirate’s Silver. Participants must enter during the live broadcast in the Twitch chat (instructions will be given during the broadcast). One entry per person/Twitch account.

The video of the live session will be available on Twitch following the live broadcast to view on demand and will be made available with closed captions on YouTube for later viewing as well.

For fans that want to catch up before the live reading, Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy is available for purchase now through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and your local comic shop.

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