Dark Desire and Obsession Collide with Blood Lust and Murder in the New Graphic Novel GRAVENEYE by Sloane Leong and Anna Bowles

New York, NY – Publisher TKO complements the Halloween season with the release of the new horror graphic novel, GRAVENEYE, by acclaimed creator, Sloane Leong, and artist, Anna Bowles. Customer and vendor pre-orders are available now at TKO website (https://tkopresents.com).

GRAVENEYE debuts digitally October 20th and in-print via trade channels on November 30th.

GRAVENEYE is a chilling thriller, a tale of intense passion and dark obsession between two women who each harbor psychotic, demonic and murderous secrets, and the bloody clash that ensures inside the walls of a dilapidated old house.

Sloane Leong adeptly blends gothic horror, and psychological suspense with a pair of memorable and truly unsettled female leads who are brought to life via Anna Bowles’ bold black and white artwork that is punctuated by blood red accents.

Ilsa lives alone in a large mansion deep in the woods. Ilsa has always lived here, though not always alone. Ilsa has a hunger, she likes to hunt, she likes to skin, and carve, and clean.

Now Ilsa has hired the young Marie to help her keep the big house tidy. But Marie brings demons of her own into Ilsa’s domain. And watching these two strange birds locked in a cage is the house itself, cursed with sentience, destined to watch the horror of the human drama

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