Dan Parent talks about KEVIN KELLER: CELEBRATION

Dan Parent is an Archie Comics veteran. In addition to Archie Comics, Dan has worked on Felix the Cat and Barbie as well as self-published a number of titles including Die Kitty Die. Dan took some time to chat with us about his latest Kickstarter, Kevin Keller: CELEBRATION.

First Comics News: What is Kevin Keller: CELEBRATION!?

Dan Parent: Kevin Keller: CELEBRATION is an omnibus collecting every classic style Kevin Keller story since his introduction a decade ago. Over 700 pages and counting!

1st: What do you get in Kevin Keller: CELEBRATION!?

Dan: You get a HUGE omnibus, plus all sorts of other extras offered, like original art, books, and T-shirts.

1st: Why is Kevin Keller: CELEBRATION! coming from Dan Parent instead of Archie Comics?

Dan: Well, it’s really coming from BOTH of us! Archie will produce the book. I’m running the Kickstarter, since I have experience doing them.

1st: Have you licensing Kevin Keller from Archie?

Dan: No, I’m not licensing him. Just teaming up with Archie to produce this!

1st: What behind-the-scenes information is included?

Dan: Well, you’ll see the history and evolution of Kevin, and there are some preliminary sketches and ideas presented.

1st: When can backers expect to get a copy?

Dan: Probably January

1st: What rewards do you have planned?

Dan: There are many rewards! Sketches, books, t-shirts, buttons, postcards! Lots of stuff!

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a digital copy?

Dan: You can get a digital copy for $15.

1st: What is the minimum pledge for a print copy?

Dan: You can get a print copy for $45. And if we hit a certain level after we get funded, it will be a hardcover book!


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