Dan Mendoza talks about DOLLFACE

First Comics News: Lila is a 17th century virgin Witch Hunter, how does she go from hunter to being sacrificed?
Dan Mendoza: Lila is a Witch hunter in training that comes from a long line of hunters in her family. how she becomes a sacrifice will be revealed in the 4 part origin of the monthly series, starting in January.
1st: How does Lila get infused in a  life-sized, ball-jointed, 3D printed, sex bot?
Dan: all i can say for now, is that it has to do with two M.I.T. programming wiz’s and a little something extra.
1st: What’s life like if your infused inside an inanimate object?
dollface-1-action-lab-rare-promo-variantDan: i imagine it would be like Pinocchio or Chucky from Child’s play.
1st: Who is Ivan her ghostly sidekick?
Dan: sssshhhhhh. you’ll have to find out in January.
1st: How do the seven witches that sacrificed Lila survive to the present day?
Dan: hahaha! come on now, Rik. i can’t give these answers away. your just going to have to wait and see.
1st: This Kickstarter isn’t for first appearance of Dollface, where does Dollface first appear?
Dan: DollFace will make her debut in this year Halloween Comicfest (HCF). for those of you that know, HCF is just like Free Comic Book Day. in fact its put on by them. it just falls on Halloween and most books that participate in it, have halloween themes. its the perfect event to introduce Lila DollFace. and what better way to introduce her, then have her face off against Zombie Tramp, herself. A witch in her own right.
2af35ff4ee6bc4cd74d004c46bdebf1d_original1st: Halloween Comic Fest is free from some but not all retailers at Halloween. Is there any way for fans to get a copy if their retailer doesn’t give them one?
Dan: yes. as one of the incentive pieces of showing your support for the DollFace Kick Starter campaign, this issue will be available for free. But it doesn’t hurt to ask your comic book retailer to order it.
1st: Action Lab’s CEO Bryan Seaton is your collaborator on this project, however, you usually collaborate with Danger Zone’s Jason Martin. Is this an Action Lab PG rated title or a Danger Zone R rated title?
Dan: Yes, Bryan approached me about a year ago that he had and idea about doing a witch hunter book and was looking for a creative artist and writer to help him with it, i pitched him the ball jointed doll idea a week later and it went on from there. Bryan has been great to work with and has ideas that i would never have thought of. this book will be rated R. it’s cute but the battles with the witches will get very violent.  Fans that have grown to like my style of books wont be disappointed, but at the same time, we are trying for a wider audience, with more characters to love and relate too then say, Zombie Tramp, which is more of a solo character book.
dollface-halloween-comic-fest-600x9001st: You have there in-book incentives with the Kickstarter. One is non-speaking, one is speaking and the last is a three issue reoccurring role. How many super-fans are allowed to join the comic?
Dan: we just opened a few more spots, but they go fast. check out the kick starter.
1st: The Kickstarter is fully funded, so if fans donate when can they expect to get their rewards?

: should be around December im thinking. we got a great team putting this KS together, and they are super organized. we are almost at 20k right now. When we get there, we will announce our final tier with even more cool goodies.
1st: If fans miss the Kickstarter when will Dollface start her new monthly comic?
Dan: When HCF arrives, check your november previews catalog to pre-order DollFace #1. will be out in January.

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