Guests include Dave Sim, Ashley Wood, Nicola Scott, Jon Sommariva and more.

February 8, 2024 – Just in time for its 30th anniversary, co-creator and artist Tim McEwen is bringing back the cult classic series, Greener Pastures, for an all new star-studded celebration featuring an array of international comics talent.

Launching on Kickstarter February 7, Greener Pastures 8 is an all-new story set in the period when the series was originally conceived: the 1990s. Now more of a period piece, set before they bring our protagonist Trevor Bovis kicking and screaming into the 2020s, the story is a slight reworking of the script originally intended for publication in 1997. With the working title of Sex & Violence (now updated to Sweet Sweet Release), you can guess what readers are in for at the local nightspot, The Berlin Club.

Joining McEwen on this epic journey are a host of well-known and up-and-coming comics talent, including Dave Sim (Cerebus, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond), Ashley Wood (Spawn, Zombies vs. Robots), Nicola Scott (Titans, Wonder Woman), Jon Sommariva (Batman/TMNT, Harley Quinn), Chris Wahl (MAD Magazine, Tank Girl), Mark Sexton (2000AD, Mad Max), Dean Rankine (Rick & Morty, Simpsons Comics), Al Barrionuevo (Batman: Gotham Knights, X-Men) and many more – all of whom contributed a page of pencils in their own style which Tim then went on to ink.

“We wanted to do something really special for our return, so I thought I’d reach out to some of the friends we made over the years,” says co-creator and artist, Tim McEwen. “Over my time in the Australian comics scene, I’ve had the opportunity to rub shoulders with a who’s-who of comic greats – many of whom I called on for this new issue. There’s some great stories I could tell about the people who said no (get me on your show and we can spill the beans!) but we’re so grateful to all the ones who said yes. The result is something truly worthy of Trevor’s long-awaited return.”

In addition to that almost embarrassing list of name-dropping above, fans will also find work from James A. Owen, Gary Chaloner, Thomas Campi, Marty Abel, Matt Huynh, Camillo Di Pietrantonio, Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz, Katie Houghton-Ward, Jason Chatfield, Louie Joyce, Campbell Whyte, Meghan Valins, Mel Stringer, Erin Hunting, Ben Hutchings, Zen Pencils, Ben Mitchell, Louis Purdy, Pia Michalandos, Samuel McEwen, and Annabelle McEwen. If those last few names sound familiar, it’s no mistake, as Greener Pastures has become a family affair. Aside from influencing a generation of Australian and indie comics talent, the creators have seen their own children take up some form of art as a result.

“We were inspired by people like Dave Sim, who had one of the longest-running indie titles with the most issues – so it feels good to carry the torch and inspire the next generation, even if it’s with the longest-running indie title that has the fewest issues,” adds McEwen jokingly. “If all goes to plan, we’re going to turn that around over the next couple of years or so, as we’re already working on the next stage in Trevor’s evolution. Whether you’ve been following us since the beginning, or you’re just discovering us now, we hope you’ll take that journey with us.”

That’s right, folks – this isn’t just some nostalgia kick – it’s also a glimpse into the future, as the creators have a whole slew of new tales primed and ready to go. Trevor Bovis may not be a young bull anymore, but that doesn’t mean our blustering bovine is ready to be put out to pasture just yet.

Fans and supporters can head to Kickstarter, where the campaign will be live until March 8. There are various reward tiers to suit all tastes and budgets, as well as some truly special pieces for fans of particular artists to enjoy. Head over there now, so you can find out what all the fuss is about:

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