Crush Your Enemies. See Them Driven Before You. Hear the Lamentations of … Groo Fray of the Gods #1

Groo #1 Cover
Groo #1 Cover

Groo The Wander first appeared in Destroyer Duck #1 way back in May 1982. That must make Groo one of the elder statesmen of the modern age of comics. Published on and off for 34 years is not an accomplishment to sneeze at. Like a lot of Dark Horses’ offerings Groo has been published recently in a bunch of contained limited series. Groo: Fray of the Gods is the latest installment.

Groo is the satirical creation of Sergio Aragonés with collaboration from Mark Evanier which did an absolute pitch perfect parody of the sword and sorcery genre. Groo is an incredibly skilled swordsman but in all other aspects is incredible inept and stupid with most common folk seeing him as a natural disaster dreading his appearance in their villages. Accompanied by his faithful dog Rufferto, Groo’s single-minded focus on fighting in glorious battle over rides almost all else in his life.

In this new series, “The gods did not bless Groo with brains, only with the ability to battle. Now, they themselves are in conflict over the spirit and future of mankind … and it is Groo who becomes the pawn (unwitting, of course) in their war. If the future of humanity depends on the wanderer – we’re all in a lot of trouble.”

Groo #1 Interior Page
Groo #1 Interior Page

Mark Evanier’s writing is as funny as ever with a nice slice of commentary on the real world thrown in just to be safe. You cringe each time Groo displays his buffoonery and giggle at Rufferto’s unvoiced dialog. Sergio Aragonés’ art is brilliant as always with so much detail in each panel, all done in his unique style. Long time Groo collaborators colourist Tom Luth and letterer Stan Sakai also return. There really is so much to look at on each page and more than a few Mad Magazine Easter eggs dropped in here and there.

Fun stuff which is right up my alley and it made me think about how much I missed this character. I will be putting this limited series and future Groo releases on my pull list right away.

Issue: Groo: Fray of the Gods #1 | Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Mark Evanier | Artists: Sergio Aragonés & Tom Luth
Price: $3.99

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