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After two years of remote gatherings, San Diego Comic-Con is once again set to take over the city of San Diego with its first live in-person convention since July 2019! To celebrate the return of the world’s most prestigious comic con, Shi-creator Billy Tucci and company are offering two very special exclusives for SDCC, the Shi: Senryaku #1 25th Anniversary Special Edition and an accompanying 11” X 17” print.

Both exclusives are priced at $25.00 each and limited to only 199 editions.

Senryaku was Crusade Comics’ groundbreaking, Eisner Award-nominated series written by comics’ legend and creator of DC Comics’ Amethyst and Blue Devil, Gary Cohn. The book uniquely details Shi’supbringing and training through thirty-six self-contained Art of War “stratagems”. Stratagems lushly showcased and illustrated by many of the industry’s greatest talents, including Jim Lee, Frank Frazetta, Adam Hughes, George Perez, Jeff Smith, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Quesada and Billy Tucci.

For those unable to attend Comic-Con, Crusade is offering a limited number of these Special Editions now through

Next week Crusade Comics will announce their Comic-Con panel and signing schedule.

The 72-page Shi: Sakura graphic novel is now complete with all files being sent to API Print Productions for proofing and production.  #TeamShi has spent hours putting together the many, many aspects of the comic that aside from the 62-pages of story and art, now includes a detailed “Previously in Shi” introduction and cover gallery.

“The book is absolutely gorgeous and everyone from our creatives to editors are working hard to deliver the greatest Shi comic ever.” Stated Tucci. “I am so incredibly proud to be working alongside such amazing and indefatigable talents.”

$150K (And Final) Stretch Goal: The Kenneth Rocafort Trading Card!
As Shi: Sakura’s #NoFanLeftBehind total returns close in on $230K, Indiegogo backers have  unlocked the $145,000.00 Stretch Goal, opening the door to Sakura’s FINAL STRETCH GOAL: The Kenneth Rocafort Trading Card! The card features comics’ superstar Kenneth Rocafort’s astonishing cover artwork and is FREE to all Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers who chose a physical perk.

Thus far, Eight Stretch Goals have been unlocked and are FREE to all backers who have pledged for a physical-tier perk. They include:

• Shi: Sakura Graphic Novel being expanded from 56-pages to 64-pages.
• Shi: Sakura Graphic Novel being expanded from 64-pages to 72-pages.
• Shi: Kuroi Hana 5” Vinyl Sticker.
• Shi: Sakura Hardcover Edition Trading Card.
• Ana Ishikawa Kick-To-The-Face Bookmark.
• Asha Kishna Trading Card.
• Gardenio Lima Trading Card.
• Shi: Fire Blossom Mini-Print.

Shi: Sakura Indiegogo Exclusive Campaign Can Be Found Here:

From New York to Nagasaki, this action-packed, 72-page, full-color, psychological samurai thriller reunites Shi-creator Billy Tucci and writer Steven Peros with artist Gardenio Lima, and colorist Brian Miller.

Upon learning that she is full-blooded Japanese, Ana Ishikawa has unlocked a danger that she’s not prepared for… her birth mother’s wrath that comes in the form of an automaton-like killer, bent on destroying all that she loves.

At the same time, her teenage daughter, Hotaru, having survived the trauma in Shi: Haikyo, is empowered by the experience and succumbs to an inner violent streak with savage repercussions.

The final chapter to the Return of the Warrior trilogy sets the final fiery stage for a samurai showdown of epic proportions at New York’s Brooklyn Botanic Garden that will change Crusade Comics canon forever!

Crusade Comics will also be offering other Shi-related items including original art, prints, shirts, commissions, and special editions, including the ashcan to Crusade’s next great adventure, John Broglia and Billy Tucci’s long-awaited sequel to Zombie-Sama. Zombie-Sama 2: Dorm of the Dead!

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