First Comics News: Brianna, may I ask for some background information? Where were you
born? Where did you grow up?
– I was born and raised in Oromocto, New Brunswick.

1st: Are you an artist, writer, or both?
– I consider myself more of an artist, I’ve only recently started writing and drawing my own fan
comics. Still trying to figure out the ropes to be honest.

1st: Who are some of your greatest influences in comics?
– Oh boy I have a lot of comic artist that have influenced me over the years, some of the more
famous ones would be Jim lee and Fiona Staples. Some other comic artist that influence me are
Gabriel Picolo, Max Sarin, Rachel Smythe and Mirka Andolfo. There’s lots more but I’ll limit it
to this many.

1st: If you could hang out with any comic creator, who would it be?
I think I’d love to hangout with Rachel Smythe, I’d love to pick her brains and ask her how she
came about making one of the most popular Web comics out there. I’d love to make my own one
day so getting to sit down and talk to her would be a great experience.

1st: What has your experience been like working as an Indie creator?
– It’s been incredible, honestly a dream come true. I remember looking at artist like Jim Lee
and Stanley Lau and saying I want to be just like them one day, and I’m getting closer ever single

1st: You have worked on numerous covers over the years, one of the covers was Secondsight
Publishing These damn Kids # 1. What can you tell the readers about that title? Who is involved
in that project and where is it available?
– I can tell you that I was spooked when I first read it haha. I love horror genre so this was right
up my alley, there’s just something about possessed kids killing their parents that is so freaking
scary. Peter Breau is the writer for this series , Helmut Racho did
the art. The comic itself is sold out in stores. However you can only
get my variant cover on the big country comic’s website!

1st: Congratulations Brianna on being the official cover artist for Big Country Comic Expo Archie
comic exclusive. That is awesome news. What can you tell us about that?
– Honestly I think my mom was more excited for the project than I was. It took forever for the news
to sink in, it wasn’t until the comics were in my hands that I realized this wasn’t a dream haha. Both
my mom and I grew up with Archie ( the old Archie), it was a real surreal moment.

1rst. What other amazing covers have you worked on?
– I’ve actually only done 4 comic covers so far. SteamPunk SnowWhite, These damn Kids, Betty
and Veronica and Chilling Adventures in Sorcery ( Archie Horror)

1st: Brianna, I know you are currently working on your own web comic, what can you tell readers
about it? Where is it available?

– I’m still in the process of writing my own webcomic but I have been working on a fan comic of
the Tv series Stranger things over on my Instagram, it’s based on the popular fan theory of Eddie
Munson coming back as Kas the bloody handed. I wanted to try writing and drawing something
that was familiar first, see if I could actually tell a cohesive story before diving into my own haha.

1st: Do you have a web page and links to projects you would like to tell us about.?

1st: Where are your comics and books available?
– My comic covers are available here:

1st: What advice can you give to anyone interested in getting into comics?
– Go to conventions! Sell you’re art and get your name out there! That’s the best way to make
connections and for scouters to find you!

1st: It’s been my pleasure Brianna to interview you. You have had amazing success as a creator.
Thanks for your time and Brianna, do you have any other projects coming up we haven’t
discussed and you want the readers to know about?
– Thank you for reaching out to me!
Right now I don’t have any projects ( that I know of haha), but I did want to just throw
out that Big Country Comics is holding an expo in Fredericton NB, if you’d like to meet
some amazing artist please come out! I’ll be there selling my comic covers and canary!

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