Crafting The Ultimate Geeky Marvel Wedding

Outside of the super-powers, high technology and battles, geek fandoms have always had a special place for weddings. As Screen Rant highlights, nuptials from Black Panther and Storm to Cyclops and Jean Grey have enraptured readers for decades and, arguably, created new and important storylines for the future. One of the biggest days of anyone’s life, making the ultimate wedding for you and your fandoms can be achieved by making it a geeky one – starting with the accessories.
Jewelry and customization
The engagement and wedding ring are two of the key parts of any wedding and the months leading up to it. These can be an important part of your customization, and can be used to show off your love for a fandom. There are so many examples in Marvel of fantastic gems and jewelry – the Infinity Stones are a great example. A sapphire can be used as a great alternative to diamond, and could be used to represent the Mind Gem. IGN also highlights RockLove’s new range of Marvel-focused jewelry, for instance a Spiderman web themed ring which will give an extra bit of customisation.
Design and decoration
For inspiration on the day itself, look to this one Rockton Couple who WIFR highlighted. Using Captain Marvel USA designs, and other superhero motifs and colour schemes, the couple decorated their wedding in an incredible Marvel-themed way. That can keep guests interested, remind you of your favourite fandoms and also give a real unique feel to the day, making the wedding day last long in the memory.

Inclusivity in marriage

Perhaps the best part about a Marvel-themed wedding is that there’s a serious basis in the literature for LGBT+ friendly ceremonies. Inside The Magic have highlighted the marriage of Hulkling and Wiccan tying the knot in Empyre #4. The ceremony alone, beautifully illustrated as always, can provide a little inspiration and nod to features to include for those same-sex or non-binary couples tying the knot. That bit of extra inclusion can be a great boon to couples to be wed and their families to boot.
A geeky Marvel wedding is one to remember. It’s a perfect chance to tie the knot in the surroundings of your favourite stories, graphic novels and movies. By looking to the films for inspiration, the big day can be made that extra bit memorable.

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