Cosplay Star Ani-Mia Channels Bettie Page With New Limited Edition Comic Available Now!

October 4, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite and beloved cosplayer, host, and writer Ani-Mia announce a limited edition Bettie Page one-shot comic adventure. And it’s available right now, only on Indiegogo!

Bettie Page is known worldwide for her timeless charm, aesthetic, and boundary-pushing antics. Her legacy endures through influencing countless women and men in their personal style, attitudes, and interests. Let alone everyone who loves seeking out her photos, comics, and more. This limited release standalone comic book celebrates all of that with a fun-filled adventure!

“Bettie Page is sometimes seen as just a pin-up beauty but she’s sassy and smart and so much more,” said Ani-Mia. “The comic I wrote is a classic cheesecake pin-up as a comic but with Bettie Page, sleuthing, and cryptids. A fun combination that I hope you’ll all enjoy.”

Ani-Mia is beloved by fans for her stunning cosplay crafted and presented in tribute to iconic characters, or even real world icons in Bettie’s case. Mia also hosts programming such as PreviewsWorld, and writes for publications like Otaku USA magazine. She’s been featured on Dynamite’s acclaimed Bettie Page comic books before as a cover model evoking Bettie’s legendary look. But her passion for the Queen of the Pin-ups lead to her pitching a wonderful story that we just had to let her write!

In Bettie Page in Bigfoot Bandits, the dark angel pits the effervescent Page against the mysterious Sasquatch. The United States Army’s top secret facilities have been broken into… by Bigfoot?! They call on the right agent for the job, in Miss Page. Can one American legend deal with another? Fans can find out by backing the Indiegogo campaign to secure their own copy!

The special issue is written by Ani-Mia, drawn by Jonathan Lau (Project Superpowers, GreenHornet), colored by Andrew Dalhouse, and lettered by Carlos Mangual. It’s also bonus-sized, with 28 pages of story! Of course a comic written by Ani-Mia couldn’t be complete without also repping her stunning cosplay as a cover. Alternate covers include one drawn by interior artist Lau and a classic photo of Bettie herself. Combo packs, signed, and CGC graded copies are also available for collectors. Plus another offering of Mia’s exclusive Vampirella comic for anyone who missed out on that dope release.

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