Contraband: Bad Benny

After 19 months, we’ve finished a new 70-page graphic novel Bad Benny – where 18 underground graffiti artists created each page on walls everywhere around the world. This includes (among others) UK, India, Sweden, Indonesia and Turkey – and readers had to wait until a new page popped up somewhere to find out what happened next. It’s being published from Markosia May 29th and I know you’ve seen lots of comics of all types, but you’ve come across this concept before!

Bad Benny follows a disgraced cop desperate to prove dark web photos incriminate a footballer for murder. Readers had to wait until a new page popped up somewhere in the world to find out what happened next. Pages appeared in markets, underpasses, inside pubs, on trucks, highway pillars & abandoned factories. Bad Benny is a biting parody of global sports stars cynically using social media for money, power and fame. The story is set in an alternative social world where everyone wants to be Contraband app’s top influencer. Bad Benny is a nod to wildly popular UK comics Roy of the Rovers (60s/70s) and Striker (80s/90s). Bad Benny consists of double-page panels with no dialogue emulating vivid graffiti seen in urban spaces

Contraband: Bad Benny
Ever since that dark web virus shifted Contraband app control to any top Influencer – everyone wants to be #1! And Blues newest star Jose is rising fast. But disgraced beat cop Benny has photos he’s sure proves Jose’s a cold-blooded killer – and he’s hell-bent on exposing the player’s past crimes to regain his own credibility.
Contraband: Bad Benny is the first full-issue comic created by graffiti street artists spontaneously in order on walls all over the world. Each artwork lives on its own – unique ideas and concepts combined to inspire a dark crime thriller. 26 walls, 15 underground street artists, 9 countries, 5 comic creators…one graphic novel.
by Thomas Behe, Mike Bogdanovic

Out MAY 29 from Markosia 

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